Bringing TEDx to the mountains–the inspiration.

TEDxDharamshala licensee, Srijan Sharma, speaks about what inspired him to bring TEDx to the mountains and what it taught him.

TEDxDharamshala is happening on January 13th, 2019 and as everyone is warming up to the event, we got the licensee, Srijan Sharma, to talk about what made him bring TEDx to this small town and way. He sat down with one of the enablers and here is what he had to say:

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Why Teachers should attend TEDxDharamshala 2019

Teachers, mentors, guides–whatever name you give them–have a role that entails growth. Being a teacher calls for constant learning. Teachers are influencers–their role extending beyond the classroom well into the future. The job can get quite intimidating at times but it is in the consistent effort that teachers make where their superpower lies.

Just like students, and essentially, everyone else, teachers need opportunities to hone and sharpen their knowledge and skills. And conferences such as TEDxDharamshala are one such opportunity providing them with innumerable chances to learn about the most bizarre, innovative, and unique realities of the world.

If you’re a teacher, you must absolutely attend TEDxDharamshala. Here’s why.

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What to write when you have nothing to write about

Apurva Sheel, a TEDx Dharamshala enabler, walks us through a very typical (at least for her) writer routine.

There is this unsettling feeling inside that is tugging at me–this feeling you get when you know something needs to happen but you don’t know how to make it happen. A feeling of something incomplete. So, I sit there; staring at the blank sheet of paper. What was it that I was going to write?

I am pretty sure my mind was cooking up some things. I know I thought about the experience of commuting to work through public transport in Bangalore (it sucks, btw), and then I wanted to write a poem/prose for my mother on her birthday. There was this peculiar memory the impromptu rain brought into my mind. And there was also this book I wanted to talk about.

And yet, there is nothing to write about.

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Why Books win over Films: A reader’s opinion

Whenever I look at a book, I feel mesmerized. Why? Because a book takes me to an imaginary world inside my head; a world I, and only I, get to decide the shade of the sky. Not something that you’d feel on watching the trailer or poster of a movie. There, everything has already been defined. The colour, the theme, the tone, the peculiarities—everything has been laid down for me.

As a reader, I believe that the effects and impacts of a book are more long-term than those of a film. Books don’t offer quick entertainment. It’s not necessarily pleasant to the eye and requires immense patience to sit calmly for countless hours. I see many people not preferring books because books can’t give the taste of entertainment people seek in the fast-paced world of today. But if we proceed to do an analysis of the influence of what a book has in contrast to a film, the book holds a very strong position.

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Why you will never Read Classics

Classic: A book that people praise but do not read. –Mark Twain

Readers, non-readers, and average readers have all heard the word classics. We know that in the realm of literature there exists a group of books which have to suffer the adjective classic. They’ll be able to tell you why those books are great, what they talk about, and why they were, and are, significant. They can have discussions about the depth of it and can also criticise it. They know the characters and the turns their lives are going to take.

But let’s admit, majority of the readers will be speaking from an un-informed place where they have not read the books they oh, so fondly talk about. Trust me when I say this, it’s a guilty pleasure for most readers. But why? That is the important question to ask.

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If you’re a student, you must attend TEDxDharamshala 2019. Here’s why!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “the entire mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

The TEDx group belongs to the third class. And TEDx events give you the opportunity to be a part of that class.

My first experience with TEDx was through the internet. I was scrolling through YouTube when I came across a talk on mental health and I had to listen to it. To be precise, that talk was intense, immoderate, and insightful. One talk led to another which led to a third one which led to a whole night of binging on TED talks. Talk about next-level Netflix and chill!

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5 Housemakers Turned Entrepreneurs Are Galvanizing The Human Race

She can work now but the nine to five bank job or the eight to two school job suits here more. She can get a lot of holidays, proper week offs, more perks, now the first day of her period off and the main point is that these jobs are less stressful and will not bother her much. So that she can responsibly work at home and then serve her family.

Seeing her in the field job of a journalist, marketing executive, etc. is something that the society cannot digest. She cannot travel alone it is not safe, she cannot attend late night corporate parties she might face some negatives consequences, in the end, if she wants to work then she should go early in the morning and come back by afternoon or evening. Seeing her work in the most adverse conditions is not so exotic to our eyes.

Breaking all the barriers, keeping aside all the thoughts of the society these housewives have shut the mouth of many people by establishing themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

1. Prerna Singh- Just Prerna

She is using the opportunity that everyone has in their hands. She started a Facebook page named Just Prerna, and today she is a celebrated reviewer of silver jewellery. Her business page attracts a lot of people who seek advice and approvals. Via

2. Bandita Bose- Unchainedreamz

Initially, she worked as a marketing expert, but her passion made her quit her lavish job and started her venture called Unchainedreamz. She sells DIY items and also encourages other people to join her and sell their masterpieces. Craft aficionado uses social media mainly to sell her items. Via

3. Prachi S Vaish-

Prachi is the founder of a therapeutic website which helps people deal with different types of psychological problems. With an experience of ten years and an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, she is helping people through phone and the internet. Via

4. Aditi Gupta- Menstrupedia

“Shush! You don’t talk about those days so loudly” This is a very dialogue that we girls hear very often. Aditi too was brought up in a traditional family of India. Breaking all the barriers and proving the myths wrong she started India’s first comic magazine based on periods. Via

5. Rekha Kakkar: My Tasty Curry

My taste curry is a personal food blog of Rekha which is read by millions of Indians. She writes about simple Indian dishes and also shares the recipes. She is a foodgrapher. Via

Ways In Which We Are Complicating Our Lives More

Life is an emotional rollercoaster ride. There are turns, flips, and bumps. We have to stay strong and keep moving forward. We have a lot of roles to play at different stages of life. The key is passionately working. Everyone wants a life which is less complicated and smoothly moving. But there are certain things that we do that increases the pressure in our lives. This leads to stress and pushes you to nowhere.

Don’t you want to know? Read Ahead.

#1. You avoid risking

There is always a fifty-fifty possibility. The outcome might be disastrous but why don’t you at the other side of the coin, it can change your life for ever. The greater the risk, the higher is the intensity of success. How will you know if the water is cold if you don’t step in it? Via

#2. You always compare yourself with others

There will be always someone who is ahead of you and also there will be people who are behind you. Being contented with you have is the mantra. Aisha is working with an MNC, Pihu owns the latest gadget, Rakesh bought a car, this list will never end. But it can only if you want. Via

#3. You seek validation

Your inner confidence is essential. If you like wearing red lipstick to work, wear it with confidence what others think should not matter. Others approval should not matter. If someone compliments you accept it with grace, and if someone criticises you, take it with a smile. Via

#4. You temporize

Projects pile up, and you end up not meeting the deadlines. Prioritize and plan carefully. Don’t give anyone a chance to scold you. Make mental notes or write it in your diary. Procrastination is a complication. Via

#5. You sit idle

Don’t wait for the perfect chance will not walk up to up but you will have to struggle a lot to find it. Life is not as smooth as a cheesecake. You have to develop and create your opportunities. Via

#6. You hold yourself

Set yourself free. Don’t stop yourself from doing anything. Become a vagabond then the world will seem better. Don’t clutch things too tightly let them go. You are on a diet, but your heart wants you to visit the most trending ice cream parlour please don’t think just go. Via

#7. You complain

Your life and your decisions. If the decisions turn out to be good, then you boast about them and if they go turn out wrong then take the responsibility of them. Grumbling only leads to stress. There is always someone whose life is more miserable than yours. You have at least something the other might not even have a roof. Via

The past is a blunt knife that will tear you apart. Live the present with a smile and learn from your mistakes. Let the future be a surprise but work hard for it.