Ways In Which We Are Complicating Our Lives More

These genius quick hacks to life will change the way you live everyday!

Life is an emotional rollercoaster ride. There are turns, flips, and bumps. We have to stay strong and keep moving forward. We have a lot of roles to play at different stages of life. The key is passionately working. Everyone wants a life which is less complicated and smoothly moving. But there are certain things that we do that increases the pressure in our lives. This leads to stress and pushes you to nowhere.

Don’t you want to know? Read Ahead.

#1. You avoid risking

There is always a fifty-fifty possibility. The outcome might be disastrous but why don’t you at the other side of the coin, it can change your life for ever. The greater the risk, the higher is the intensity of success. How will you know if the water is cold if you don’t step in it? Via

#2. You always compare yourself with others

There will be always someone who is ahead of you and also there will be people who are behind you. Being contented with you have is the mantra. Aisha is working with an MNC, Pihu owns the latest gadget, Rakesh bought a car, this list will never end. But it can only if you want. Via

#3. You seek validation

Your inner confidence is essential. If you like wearing red lipstick to work, wear it with confidence what others think should not matter. Others approval should not matter. If someone compliments you accept it with grace, and if someone criticises you, take it with a smile. Via

#4. You temporize

Projects pile up, and you end up not meeting the deadlines. Prioritize and plan carefully. Don’t give anyone a chance to scold you. Make mental notes or write it in your diary. Procrastination is a complication. Via

#5. You sit idle

Don’t wait for the perfect chance will not walk up to up but you will have to struggle a lot to find it. Life is not as smooth as a cheesecake. You have to develop and create your opportunities. Via

#6. You hold yourself

Set yourself free. Don’t stop yourself from doing anything. Become a vagabond then the world will seem better. Don’t clutch things too tightly let them go. You are on a diet, but your heart wants you to visit the most trending ice cream parlour please don’t think just go. Via

#7. You complain

Your life and your decisions. If the decisions turn out to be good, then you boast about them and if they go turn out wrong then take the responsibility of them. Grumbling only leads to stress. There is always someone whose life is more miserable than yours. You have at least something the other might not even have a roof. Via

The past is a blunt knife that will tear you apart. Live the present with a smile and learn from your mistakes. Let the future be a surprise but work hard for it.

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