Why Dharamshala?

Why this town will inspire you.

There is an escaped culture booming in our times, with every place so well connected there is no real limit as to where you could travel.
The joys of travelling are no more a secret.
So what makes Dharamshala, a quiet little town at the foothills of Dhauladhars, a quintessential spot on every traveller’s list.

We give you four reasons to visit Dharamshala.

1) Nothing gets you closer to spirituality and tranquility as this place

Dharamshala is the exile home of one of the greatest spiritual leaders, His Holiness Dalai Lama. You will find hills covered with Tibetan flags, spreading the message of compassion and oneness.
You can work with many NGOs and Tibetan training centres and reconnect with your inner self.
Apart from Tibetan monasteries, Dharamshala also has various temples in its vicinity, staying true to the essence of Himachal- ‘Dev Bhoomi’.
The most famous being Indrunag temple and Bhagsunag temple.

2) Scenic treks and hikes

Dharamshala serves as perfect starting point for many scenic treks and hikes, most popular being the Triund trek and Kareri lake trek.
The best part is, you don’t even need to follow the tried and trodden roads, there are many hikes to be discovered.
Finding trekking equipment and guides is as easy as finding good food, which brings us to –

3) Exciting and diverse cuisine

Being a Tibetan home in exile and having a booming tourist culture, Dharamshala offers some of the most delicious and authentic food. From traditional home cooked meals to sumptuous Tibetan momos all the way up to great Israeli and international cuisines, Dharamshala has it all.
Check out Jimmy’s Italian kitchen, Kripal’s Momo corner, woeser bakery and much much more.

4) The surrounding areas are worth a visit too

We are talking paragliding, zip line, scenic drives and what not.
Situated within a radius of few miles, is the north India’s only monolithic temple, Masoor rock cut temple.
The town of Palampur offers a good market place to quench your thirst for shopping.

To say the least, you will we surprised once you visit Dharamshala.
Still not convinced?
The place is hosting its first ever TEDx event, so don’t forget to subscribe for further updates fellow travellers!

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