Why Teachers should attend TEDxDharamshala 2019

Teachers, mentors, guides–whatever name you give them–have a role that entails growth. Being a teacher calls for constant learning. Teachers are influencers–their role extending beyond the classroom well into the future. The job can get quite intimidating at times but it is in the consistent effort that teachers make where their superpower lies.

Just like students, and essentially, everyone else, teachers need opportunities to hone and sharpen their knowledge and skills. And conferences such as TEDxDharamshala are one such opportunity providing them with innumerable chances to learn about the most bizarre, innovative, and unique realities of the world.

If you’re a teacher, you must absolutely attend TEDxDharamshala. Here’s why.

Sharpening the Saw

TEDx events radiate knowledge. From the fields of engineering to emotional health, there is so much that you can learn at a TEDx conference! They’re that edge against which you can sharpen your minds’ saws. Something is always happening in the world and this conference gives you an opportunity to embrace ideas you may not have even thought of before.

TEDx events open the doors to dimensions where learning happens at every step. The talks, the people, the experiential–everything injects in you a new kind of wisdom; a wisdom that teachers can use to write the fate of the world.

If that is not awesome, then what is?

Learning from the top of the desk

Remember how inĀ Dead Poets’ Society Robin Williams made his students stand on top of a desk to get a fresh perspective? TEDx Conferences do just that. For teachers, TEDx events can be like a field day–the equivalent of outreach programs for IT companies or working lunches–an event that takes them away from their comfort zone and to the world of new ideas and thinking.

With TED conferences, teachers can solve the mystery of monotony in learning. When teachers are forced to get out of their comfort zones, they can teach those who rely on them to do just the same. And that is an art we all need to learn in life.

What better than a TEDx conference to do that?

Believe and it will happen

Belief is all we need to get things done. And this is what one of my teachers taught me. And believe it or not but he learned that at an educational conference. TEDx events are a hot spot of people who have, in their lives, dared to believe. And that audacity is what has made their imagined reality, their current one.

The energy that surrounds the TEDx tribe fills individuals with the vibration of making impossible things happen. And teachers need that! They need those vibrations in order to be able to pass them on. If teachers expose themselves to the most creative, courageous, and sometimes the most bizarre minds out there, they can shape the future of the world.

Now, it would be stupid to miss out on that opportunity.

Everything new

At an event like TEDx, you’re bound to meet new crowds–new people with new tools, tips, and tactics of doing the same things. That in itself is reason enough to part of something as awesome as TEDxDharamshala. Networking with like and unlike minded people is best done in the spirits of a conference like this. TEDx is a space for you to experiment, learn, and know the most novel things in life.

And what is the better part? That all of it is a personalized experience. It does not happen from behind a laptop screen or over the telephone but in person, face to face. Personal experiences are the best experiences.

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