If you’re a student, you must attend TEDxDharamshala 2019. Here’s why!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “the entire mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

The TEDx group belongs to the third class. And TEDx events give you the opportunity to be a part of that class.

My first experience with TEDx was through the internet. I was scrolling through YouTube when I came across a talk on mental health and I had to listen to it. To be precise, that talk was intense, immoderate, and insightful. One talk led to another which led to a third one which led to a whole night of binging on TED talks. Talk about next-level Netflix and chill!

Though binging on those talks was fun and something I have made a habit of, nothing beat the experience I gained when I actually attended a TED talk. I am a textbook introvert so I was not big on being a part of an event as packed as TEDx but it was one of the most intelligent decisions I made in my life.

And after that, I have just been convincing people to attend TED talks. And even though many of them think I get commissioned for it, I don’t. Sigh!

My experience has told me that TED talks, though a very perceptive experience for everyone, is more insightful for humans who belong under the label students. There is nothing better than exposing young, absorbing minds to all the wonderful pioneering ideas and possibilities that can potentially shape their lives and being.

I know, for a fact, that you’re still not convinced so I’ll lay down some more reasons for you!



TEDx events have been infamous for launching careers, creating viral ideas, and most importantly inspiring new solutions to existing problems. Students need those experiences.

TEDx events aren’t just conferences arranged by inviting speakers and partners and an audience. They are a collaboration of humans who are willing to encourage other humans to push past their comfort zones and their rigid thoughts to achieve beyond their imagination. TEDx events are gatherings of ordinary, and sometimes famous, people to deliver something of value. The kind of effort and work the team puts in to create an experience of a lifetime is worth applauding.

TEDxDharamshala Student-conversations

It is a given that TEDx experiences change you. And that happens because the attendees in the events are the priority. You are the most important part of the event. All of it is for you—to educate you, to encourage you, and to embolden you. And that is an experience worth having.



“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.”, said Alan Moore. No one ever stops learning. There is so much that goes on in the world and it is possible for you to not have even the slightest idea about certain things.

But TEDx gives you that opportunity. An opening to embrace ideas and fields you may never have thought about before. Anything can happen in a TEDx talk. You can learn some interesting facts or you can learn some absolutely random fun trivia. I learned in a TED talk that a pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes and it was in a TED talk I learned that beer is safe to drink in case of a nuclear emergency.

The point is you will always learn something. It is not possible that you walk out of a TEDx event without any takeaway.

TEDxDharamshala Student-knowledge

And this knowledge does not only come from the speakers and the problems or ideas they share with you. This knowledge emanates from every part of the event. From the theme (if it has one) to the other attendees, everyone teaches you something, even if that’s not what they were there for.



Of course, if there were no speakers, there would be no TEDx. One of the things I find most interesting about TEDx events is that it does not always and necessarily centre around people who are filthy famous. TED talks also tell mundane stories of mundane people. Absolutely no event in the world can match the variety of speakers that TEDx works with.

TEDxDharamshala Student-speakers

And it’s not only their talks but the personal conversations you can have with them which add the icing on the cake. I am not a fan of cake so for me, it was like basil in my tea, but you get the point. You don’t even need to have a motive to talk to them. The conversations with these people just flow. And if you’re not big on talking, you can just listen.



That is the whole point of a TEDx event! It opens your heart and mind to all the million, billion possibilities. TED talks can inspire you to get off your bottom and actually begin that hobby you have been thinking of taking up. They can equally inspire you to have the talk with that someone; solve your writer’s block and your commitment issues;

TEDxDharamshala Student-idea-bulbTEDxDharamshala Student--idea

give you ideas for a new business or a life-altering advice. I actually quit my job after listening to a TED talk. It was among the wisest decisions in my life—wild, and stupid, and one that invited a lot of scolding from my mother. But wise nonetheless.

TEDx brings out the believer in you. And that, in my opinion, is the best thing.



Has it ever happened to you that your mind encountered something which made it go, wow! Like you discovered you had this one concept sorted in you and then you realize oh! This thing has like a million layers in dormancy. Yep. TED talks do that to you. They change your perspective. At least, they challenge it.

TEDxDharamshala Student-perspective

Speakers, ideas, and the whole event organization holds the potential to shift your brain just enough to unlock new thoughts and new thinking. TED talks can make sense out of something as minimal as a habit of saying thank you a lot (yeah, I’m talking about myself); it can foresee a good life out of a solo trip you made (me again); and it can make you realize your power even if you don’t talk a lot (you guessed it, it’s me!).

TEDx events are all about bringing curious, willing, and determined humans together. It is an event not for people but for minds—minds that are ready to be challenged and changed. But young minds always benefit more from TED talks than anyone else. I was a fresh graduate when I attended my first TED talk. And it told me that being in a 9 to 5 job was not my thing. My TED experience also gave me the nudge to think about habits that were secretly destroying me and made me question the sincerity of my being. TED talks shape the mind in new directions and it’s better shaped when shaped young.


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