Meet Our Speakers–Part II

We are 5 days away from the conference and we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a deeper glimpse into the lives of the inspiring personalities who will grace the TEDxDharamshala stage on January 13th, 2019.

Niranjani Iyer

A true artist at heart, Niranjani was introduced to theatre in her undergrad studies. In her words, she really enjoys the experience and feels this is something she wants to do for her life.

Niranjani studied theatre in Paris. “It was difficult. My artistic and language skills were not in place. But the conviction that this is something I want to do for life kept me going.”

TEDxDharamshala Talk: Building theatre communities outside urban cities

After gaining valuable experience in the city of love, Niranjani brought her theatre expertise to Dharamshala.

“Dharamshala has given me a lot. And I always wanted to give something back. Since theatre was the only way I knew of doing it, I proceeded with that. It wasn’t easy, certainly. But perseverance keeps you going.”

On the TEDxDharamshala stage, Niranjani will take us through her journey of building a community around an art form that was oblivious to the members of the community.

Sandipan Chattopadhyay

A very-involved father, in his own words, Sandipan defines himself as a problem-solver. “It just suddenly dawned on me that a majority of social sectors need hand-holding. People want to provide us solutions but on sectors that are easy to work with.”

TEDxDharamshala Talk: Data Science in Daily Life

“One thing I have always believed is that solutions need to be built for impacting. So, that is what I started doing. We started looking at the not-so-glamorous sectors such as speech-to-text of vernacular languages or enabling 30-second online loans for truck drivers.”

At TEDxDharamshala, Sandipan will walk us through the process of executing truly innovative solutions.

“I want to communicate to people that there are numerous ways to become problem-solvers and solution-makers. And that is as simple as it sounds. The next 15-20 years are going to be a technological rejuvenation. We should work on making the most of it.”

Indraja Saroha

A blogger and a YouTuber, Indraja is a sex positivity activist. She believes that concepts relating to sex and sexuality should be allowed to breathe freely. She is the creator of LiberatingSexuality through which she aims to contribute to the growing discourse of sexuality. Indraja does that through education, awareness, and feminism.

TEDxDharamshala Talk: Liberating Sexuality in a Culture of Silence

“My primary aim was to inspire women to connect to themselves and take charge of their own bodies and pleasure. I believe that it is important for everyone to define sexuality for themselves. How do they relate to the sexual aspects of their life? How do they see themselves w.r.t to sex? What is their own expression of it?

The communication about female sexuality is very limited from a young age. Women don’t really know how to navigate when it comes to sexual self-discovery—with partners or themselves. It is confusing and, more importantly, scary. Therefore, it’s important for them to have access to unbiased information about sexual well-being.”

Through her talk on the TEDxDharamshala platform, Indraja will shed light on her personal experiences w.r.t to discovering sexuality. Her talk will focus on how intensely difficult it can get and how liberating it truly can be.

Pranav Manpuria

A proud member of the tribe that can’t separate their personal and professional lives, Pranav works at making automation a part of human life. At present, he is working on developing a self-driving truck for Indian roads.

TEDxDharamshala Talk: Bringing Automation in Human Life

“People fail to realise that automation is already a very big part of our lives. We don’t realise the automation we use every day. Through this platform, I want to bring it to the community’s notice the other dimensions through which automation can be brought into our lives in more productive ways—ways that make human life better.”

Pranav’s talk at TEDxDharamshala will centre around the potential of automation in sectors of growth, development, and employment.

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