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Bringing TEDx to the mountains–the inspiration.

TEDxDharamshala licensee, Srijan Sharma, speaks about what inspired him to bring TEDx to the mountains and what it taught him.

TEDxDharamshala is happening on January 13th, 2019 and as everyone is warming up to the event, we got the licensee, Srijan Sharma, to talk about what made him bring TEDx to this small town and way. He sat down with one of the enablers and here is what he had to say:

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The Virtue of Patience

Is it ironic that it took me almost 3 weeks to find out the time and the words to create this piece? Maybe. Or maybe it was just a test to see if I was truly ready to bring this piece to life. I’d say I passed. I am here writing it, aren’t I?

I am often asked, “how do you do it?”, with reference to my forbearance in life. I am still not used to the frequency of that question. I frown my eyebrows wondering why do people find wonder in something as mundane as the quality to stay calm. Is it not as common a practice as I think it to be? I guess not. Otherwise, this question wouldn’t always stare me in the face.

And then I ask people, “how do you not?”

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Un-taxing Multitasking

“Do you know how to multitask?”, is a question that I have been asked in a lot of job interviews. And I always went “who doesn’t?” Was I being cocky? Maybe. But seriously, aren’t we now living in the times when one has more than 3 completely unrelated tabs in their browser and 4 different apps on their phone open at any given time?

Or so I thought. Until I actually got to multitasking in the professional realm; which is not the same as browsing through Instagram while listening to music. This fleeting experience made me sit down and look at the definition of multitasking.

How many of you knew that true multitasking involves the active participation of the brain in all tasks?

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Why Teachers should attend TEDxDharamshala 2019

Teachers, mentors, guides–whatever name you give them–have a role that entails growth. Being a teacher calls for constant learning. Teachers are influencers–their role extending beyond the classroom well into the future. The job can get quite intimidating at times but it is in the consistent effort that teachers make where their superpower lies.

Just like students, and essentially, everyone else, teachers need opportunities to hone and sharpen their knowledge and skills. And conferences such as TEDxDharamshala are one such opportunity providing them with innumerable chances to learn about the most bizarre, innovative, and unique realities of the world.

If you’re a teacher, you must absolutely attend TEDxDharamshala. Here’s why.

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ऋणानुबंध | (a bond that can never be broken)

23-year-old Aditya shares a heart-wrenching story of a bond that can never be forgotten.

My Sister from Another Mister.

Social Media – such a confusing place. I have been on Facebook for almost a decade now. It has become a part of me, as much as I have been a part of it. Has shaped who I have become.

It is here that I have seen people love one and hate the other. People lose lives and save lives. Some having raised millions of dollars for a good cause, while some have lost a means to their daily bread. Fallen in and out of love. Had affairs and reconciliations.

If heaven and hell were to meet someday, they’d probably find a perfect a cent percent match on the Internet.

But, what is social media anyways?

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That is beauty.

We are not even going to indulge in the definition of beauty. The concept of beauty, most of us here agree, is subjective. What’s beautiful to someone may not be beautiful to someone else and that is okay. But as sad as it may sound, not everyone believes that. Popular culture has instilled in a majority of the population, strict ideals of beauty. We would like to believe that the smart ones here would know what we’re hinting at and so we would not indulge in pointing them out.

It was just among a discussion fired up by such beautiful idol being highlighted in a movie that we decided to ask our tribe what they thought beauty was. Some of us thought that it was going to be a useless exercise because most people would give the same answer but annoying optimists exist everywhere.

So, we asked the country’s youth to tell us what beauty meant to them. And we have to say, our faith in intelligent humans was restored.

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What to write when you have nothing to write about

Apurva Sheel, a TEDx Dharamshala enabler, walks us through a very typical (at least for her) writer routine.

There is this unsettling feeling inside that is tugging at me–this feeling you get when you know something needs to happen but you don’t know how to make it happen. A feeling of something incomplete. So, I sit there; staring at the blank sheet of paper. What was it that I was going to write?

I am pretty sure my mind was cooking up some things. I know I thought about the experience of commuting to work through public transport in Bangalore (it sucks, btw), and then I wanted to write a poem/prose for my mother on her birthday. There was this peculiar memory the impromptu rain brought into my mind. And there was also this book I wanted to talk about.

And yet, there is nothing to write about.

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Why Books win over Films: A reader’s opinion

Whenever I look at a book, I feel mesmerized. Why? Because a book takes me to an imaginary world inside my head; a world I, and only I, get to decide the shade of the sky. Not something that you’d feel on watching the trailer or poster of a movie. There, everything has already been defined. The colour, the theme, the tone, the peculiarities—everything has been laid down for me.

As a reader, I believe that the effects and impacts of a book are more long-term than those of a film. Books don’t offer quick entertainment. It’s not necessarily pleasant to the eye and requires immense patience to sit calmly for countless hours. I see many people not preferring books because books can’t give the taste of entertainment people seek in the fast-paced world of today. But if we proceed to do an analysis of the influence of what a book has in contrast to a film, the book holds a very strong position.

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