Join hands with TEDxDharamshala on 23rd September for

TEDxGlobalDay 2017

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TEDxGlobalDay is a one-day initiative to take place on September 23, 2017, when the global TEDx community comes together locally to discuss the world’s most pressing issues, how these issues affect our communities and the ways we can work together to find possible solutions through conversation and action.

What should you look out for?

We invite TEDx community organizers and their teams (this is not open to the public) to spend a day together to watch a recording of TEDGlobal>NYC in their hometown. Teams will then participate in a brainstorm activity focused on the ways their community can create change using a conversation guide provided by TED. Afterwards, TEDxers will go out and volunteer to help out their local communities (e.g. a field trip to clean-up waste; a visit to a nonprofit; or, other creative ideas.).


TEDxDharamshala Team’s plan for TEDxGlobalDay

Watch. Discuss. Activate.


This exciting day begins with a viewing experience of TEDGlobal>NYC, an inaugural TED event with a mission to reimagine the global story and catalyze outside-the-box thinking about world issues.
The program will feature about 8 speakers and a viewing time is approximately 2 hours.


The goal of this portion of your day is for the team to explore potential solutions for a problem that has an impact on the local community.

Structure for discussion:

  • Open Discussion in small groups (40 Minutes)
  • Short Break (10 mins)
  • Synthesize Ideas (20 mins)
  • Debrief in larger group (20 mins)


This is the part of TEDxGlobalDay where we put ideas into action. The activities will revolve around going out and pro-actively doing something for the local community. Taking action towards a local problem or inspiring the community by creating a symbol.




What is TEDxGlobalDay?

TEDxGlobalDay is a one-day initiative. We heard from you that you care deeply about the world’s most urgent issues, and we know that when TEDxers come together they can make a difference. This is why we created TEDxGlobalDay. Through this initiative, we will demonstrate the power of the TEDx community to create a more connected world. We’re excited to see the impact of simultaneous conversation and action through our global community!

What is the itinerary for TEDxGlobalDay?

We will gather with your TEDx team to watch an exclusive 2-hour viewing experience of TEDGlobal>NYC via livestream—a TED-curated event centred on building a more purposefully connected international community, featuring 6-8 speakers. After watching TEDGlobal>NYC, our team members will move into guided conversation curated by us with the help of questions TED has prepared. After a lunch break, the afternoon will be devoted to a team adventure of your choice.

Who is invited to participate?

TEDxers! TEDxGlobalDay is for all current TEDx organizers: license holders, team members, and volunteers.
This initiative is not open to the public.

When is it?

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. The program will begin in the morning and extend into the late afternoon. We think it is great for everyone to come together on the same day.

Sounds good. What’s the signup process?

The first step is filling out the signup form here. Note: Since this is not an event for the public but just an internal community initiative/gathering for TEDxers. This is not a TEDx event. If you’d like to participate in TEDxGlobalDay with the TEDxDharamshala Team please reach out to

Can teams collaborate with TEDxDharamshala for TEDxGlobalDay?

Yes! Please feel free to join forces with our team to host TEDxGlobalDay together as one group. The more TEDxers coming together, the better.


How does our team manage transportation and lunch costs?

We suggest that all TEDxGlobalDay participants provide their own transportation and lunch.

What is the admission fee?

We do not charge an admission fee. TEDxGlobalDay is a day for organizers to collaborate in an informal setting, and we want the focus of this initiative to be on your insight, conversation, and local efforts.

Okay, I think I’m all set! Any other advice?

Yes: this is an opportunity for organizers to take a project into their own hands and be creative with it. Program locally, but think globally. What do you think are the most pressing issues in your local community? What can you do with a team of organizers to help make a change? We believe in you and in your power as a global team. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Join hands with TEDxDharamshala on 23rd September for

TEDxGlobalDay 2017

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