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The TEDxDharamshala community has been growing since June of 2017. As the day of the final event is approaching, we know you are just as excited as we are to listen to the wonderful speakers we have lined. But it’s not just about the speeches. We have a lot more exciting stuff and activities for our attendees to have an experience of a lifetime. But wait! Before we delve deeper into all that awaits at the TEDxDharamshala experience, here’s a look at all the passes.

In this blog, we’ll mention all that TEDxDharamshala is offering its attendees and what pass gives you access to which activity. To begin with, we have the following broad categories of passes:

  1. Student Pass: ₹ 1000 (attendees registering under this category need to provide a valid school/college ID)
  2. Standard Pass: ₹ 2000
  3. Executive Pass: ₹ 3000


Conference Attendance

(Available for all Passes)

We have gone far and wide to bring some of the most inspiring and revolutionary ideas for our annual conference this year. We aim at changing this world by targeting individual lives, and that starts with you. The final conference on 12th November 2017 can be attended by everyone, regardless of what pass they choose. The main event where you get to listen to the incredible speakers, delivering their terrific ideas, doesn’t require much convincing from our side for you to attend. Attendees get the opportunity to interact with the speakers as well. so, pour out what’s on your mind and discuss the ideas that can change the world.

Breakfast and Lunch

(Available for all Passes)

“An empty stomach is not a good political advisor,” said Albert Einstein, and we believe that this extends to everything that requires mental activity. So, to keep you charged throughout the day, so that you don’t miss even a single thought delivered on the TEDxDharamshala stage, a light breakfast will be followed by a sumptuous lunch. Taste the cuisines of Himachal and Tibet, as you listen to the intellectuals of this region.


(Available for all Passes)

Ideas, when given a visual and tactile aid, become more powerful than they were before. With the experiential section, we have lined up 5 such experiences for you that will run simultaneously with the conference. We bring to you some added fun to the intellectual experience of the TEDxDharamshala conference.

Goodie Bags

(Available for all Passes)

We want you to remember this conference for years to come. While we are certain that our speakers will give you, ideas worth cherishing for the rest of your life, a few souvenirs from the conference can go a long way. We have t-shirts, badges, and other TEDxDharamshala merchandise for you to take back wonderful memories from the event. You can even get your favorite speaker to sign them for you. Isn’t that something to be excited about?

Event Booklet

(Executive and Standard Passes only)

Need a detailed account of TEDxDharamshala event of 2017? We have the event booklet ready for you. Every dignitary that takes the stage of TEDxDharamshala has a story worth sharing. An inspiring account of these amazing people can be found in our event booklet, along with the ideas they are going to share. Read about the entire TEDxDharamshala experience and get a first-hand insight into our conference.

Early Theatre Access

(Executive Pass only)

Behind the scenes is always fun, wouldn’t you agree? With the executive pass, we offer you an opportunity to catch the action that goes on before the final event begins. Get a chance to interact with the speakers before the conference begins and interact in a one-on-one session. No! it won’t be a boring “all work, no play” experience. We promise that an early theatre access would add to the highlights of your 3 days TEDxDharamshala experience.

Invitation to Salon Events

(Executive Pass only)

(Available as Add-on for Standard and Student Passes)

No matter how much we try, there will still be those brilliant minds who will be left out from our 2017 speakers’ list. However, we can’t let their ideas go by, without bringing them to our platform. Salon events are mini TEDx-like events that we’ll be hosting around the Dharamshala region in 2017-18. With the Executive Pass, you get direct, free of cost invitation to 6 Salon events organized during this period. Interact with more inspiring minds of Dharamshala in the upcoming Salon events.


(Executive Pass only)

(Available as Add-on for Standard and Student Passes)

There is no end to what Dharamshala has to offer and we want you to take it all back with you with the opportunity that our conference presents. The aim of Adventures is for you to develop your own ideas and take lessons from the beautiful Himachali and Tibetan cultures, through practical experiences. A day out in the real world, focusing on activities targeted at giving you a full experience of the various facets of life in this city at the foothills of the Himalayas, is an experience that words can’t-do justice to.


(Executive Pass)

Attendees with the Executive Pass get VIP seats in the front, around the area where the speakers will be seated. With a front row view and interesting company, who knows you might catch a word with our wonderful speakers in between the conference too.

(Standard and Student Pass)

Separate sections for the attendees with Standard and Student pass will be available for the respective category of passes. We aim at making the experience memorable for all those who wish to attend.

Speaker Reception Dinner

(Add-on under Executive Pass only)

Every moment of this journey has been a celebration and so will be the eve of the final event where we’ll host our speakers. A Gala which is exclusively for the TEDxDharamshala team and the speakers for the event is now being opened as an add-on to those who opt for the executive pass. With an additional sum of  ₹ 1500, you get an invitation to the Pre-event Gala.

Speaker Rehearsals

(Executive Pass only)

(Available as Add-on for Standard and Student Passes)

The excitement and energy are all over the place the day before the final event. Get the chance to watch our speakers getting the final details of their speech delivery on the TEDxDharamshala stage and a head start on their ideas before everyone else does. Attend the speaker rehearsals and take in the vibe of the platform, and get hyped for the event to come.

TEDxDharamshala 2017 will be everything you are hoping for and more. In the time to come, we’ll give more information about our event to keep you updated on the experience. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Townscript and buy your pass today!



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