Emotional First Aid 101

Even in the 21st century, not a lot of people will tell you to pay heed to your emotional wound. Scratch that. Not a lot of people will accept the existence of emotional wounds. They will understand that people get hurt, that they want to cry over some things for a while but that would be it.

Majority of us use the phrase losing your mind in our everyday speech but when it comes to embracing the literality of it, most of us fail. And that is where the problems begin.



a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationship with others.

Do you notice the use of the word strong in the definition? And the part that says with others? Those are perhaps the two things that make it important to address the emotion, and the pain that comes with it.

A person can find multiple analogies that attempt at understanding emotional pain by equating it with physical pain. But it’s hard to find the ones that encourage addressing it like the latter.

Emotional First Aid talks about the immediate things you need to do when you have an emotional wound just as you would in case of a physical one.

Accept your emotional pain

Acceptance is the first step to a lot of things. Unlike physical injuries, we are told to power through the emotional ones. This is probably because people believe that they don’t have so much to them. But emotional wounds can form a universe of their own if not treated.

The events that we experience or witness leave an impact on our subconscious. If you were to fall down from your bike while driving and injure your knee, you would look at the wound and tell yourself that you’re hurt. That is acceptance.

emotional pain--acceptance

Do this when you feel emotional pain. Admit that it hurts, that your heart is broken, that your soul has been scarred, that your mind is in trauma. Admitting the presence of an emotional wound makes it real. When it becomes real, it begins to exist. Everything that exists must perish. By accepting the emotional pain, you are brining it one step closer to healing.


Emotions need to be expressed. Emotional pain builds a home for itself in our subconscious where it is surrounded by the fear of judgement. It lives tangled up in those fears and needs an outlet to untangle itself.

Talk. It. Out. Say whatever is in your mind. No, I am not denying the judgements that might follow. There will be people who will try to rationalise your feelings but if you experience that, you are talking to the wrong people.

emotional pain--how do you feel?

Remember this, feelings cannot be rationalised. Ever. Find the crowd that understands this and talk to them about your feeling. Try to understand why it hurts and where it hurts. Talk as much as you want and for as long as you want.

Embrace the reality of psychological wounds

Here is a common thing with all emotional pain—it alters the way you behave. If you were to have a broken knee, you’d walk differently. When you experience emotional pain, certain things in your behaviour change. It is important to embrace the reality of them; to acknowledge that the pain affects you.

You should be able to identify the way it changes you. It is only then that you can work towards healing them.

Stop the negative self-talk

When our mind is hurt, it goes into an automatic self-destructive zone where it feeds itself negative thoughts. In the psychological science, this is known as emotional bleeding. It is important for you to battle these thoughts, to always try to convince your mind otherwise.

When emotional pain gets too much, it is important for you to stop the negative rumination fast. Taking a distraction usually helps. It breaks the cycle and that is a good enough first step.

Release yourself from the clutches of negativity

Emotional pain comes from the people, circumstances, and experiences you surround yourself with or the ones that come to surround you over time. If any of those hurt you, walk away. Emotional First Aid has this one simple rule where you have to walk away from the drug no matter how difficult it may seem.

emotional pain--releasing negativity

In order to heal yourself emotionally, you may sometimes have to pay with relationships, dreams, or habits. Do it because nothing is worth ripping your soul off peace.

Give it time

All wounds take time to heal. Some physical wounds leave behind scars that disappear years later. The same is true for emotional wounds as well. Be patient with your mind and/or heart. Give it the time it needs. Do not be overtaken by guilt or apprehensions. Treat yourself with the same patience and compassion that you would expect from a good friend.

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