Converse with Yourself

Who are you? What do you believe? What is important to you?

Every human being must ask these questions to herself every once in a while. It’s important because the answers to these questions keep changing. We live in a world full of noise and distractions. We are constantly surrounded by social groups preaching different things. With no time to contemplate or reflect on how something makes us feel, no solitude or privacy, no patience, how do we answer the most important questions in life?

Peace and quiet is a significant and integral part of growth and renewal. By denying ourselves moments of solitude, we are denying our mind the right to fresh anew. Our constant engagement with others is invisibly making us lose ourselves. The connections that we now have with people are creating a global machine where each of us is nothing more than a mindless cog relentlessly driven by the artificial urgency of the wired world.

Solitude-Wired World

We are almost heading to the point of no return. In this dire situation, we need to create a new pattern for our mind—as individuals and as a society. We are in need of a mental attitude which knows how to appreciate and most importantly, protect stillness, silence, solitude, and personal reflection.

Why do we need these new habits?

We are moving towards a world where virtual emotions matter more than the real ones. And that is not a good destination to achieve. Leaving philosophy and the contemplation that is driving this article aside, even science agrees that a little solitude every day is a healthy thing.

Empathy, Productivity, Creativity

Solitude-empathy, productivity, creativity

Spending a little time with yourself every day can spark three of the most imperative things in life. Your alone time sparks your compassion, gives your mind the freedom to wander, and allows communication with yourself.

Knowledge and Strength

Solitude- mental strength

How will you ever know yourself if you don’t talk to yourself? Your alone time makes you more comfortable in your skin. It takes you away from influenced decisions and peer pressure. It builds your individuality.

Existential Space

Let’s admit it. We have all wondered the point of our existence in the universe. For that, you need to put things into perspective. How will you do that even you don’t give your mind the space to exist, wander, and contemplate freely?

Solitude- existence


Each one of us is a wounded soul. Different scars narrating different stories—each needing its own time to heal. Physical and emotional wounds both need to contemplate rest in order to heal. Be kind to yourself and give your mind, heart, and body the time it needs to accept, shatter, and heal.


Changing habits of the mind is a difficult task but in the times that we are living in, this task needs to be done. We are sacrificing our inner self and for what? Different people will answer that question differently. But each one of us will have an answer to that. And that should say it all. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to live contemplated lives that are valued and supported?

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