The Era of Start-ups

What was the last app you signed in that made your life easier? Oh! Please don’t say you opened Whatsapp to reply to those good morning texts. I meant the apps that got you doing something productive and save your valuable time.

Right from the moment we wake up, we are under the continuous control of modern-day applications.

How many apps do you think an average person uses every day?

Some people use the app Alarmy to make sure that they get up. (Unlike normal alarms the app quits only when you wake up). We order food through Zomato and book Uber for work. Meanwhile, we are continuously scrolling down Facebook, looking for news updates on Inshorts, checking our e-mails and client messages, and other things.

After a tiring day at work, on our way back to home we are looking for match updates on Hotstar or logging into our Netflix account. In our anxious desire to watch the next episode we fall asleep and a normal day ends.

The Buzz

According to an analysis, a normal human being uses 9 apps a day. Technology has simplified our lives to the next level. But what exactly led to such humungous popularity of such apps? What was it that made these apps, be that in any domain, go viral that even a kid knows how and when to use them. No rocket science here. It is just the Business skills of some immensely technical people.


We live in an era where technology and management skills go hand in hand. A technical person can definitely make things better as you know the science behind everything but being able to sell that science is the need of the hour and it is only a good businessman who can do that.

Pro’s in the House

Engineer entrepreneur is now the big thing Indian market has. You can start from any end and find a Tech-Business combination in all the present-day successful companies which once were called start-ups. Who would have ever Imagined that a guy who graduated just to make his mother happy will end up giving us technology that could solve the problem of “chiller” forever? (Talking about Vijay Shekhar Sharma and his Paytm).


Ever thought that TVF would come from a person who during his Engineering career had different career choices for each semester? That is Arunabh Kumar—the face behind some mind-boggling TV series we watch today.

It seems impossible until it’s Done

Amazon never looked, not even a quarter, of it is today. Flipkart was just an online bookstore when it started. Redbus was the result of its founder being unable to go home during festival holidays. It is the simplest of things that act as a sowing seed for a big business but it is the hardcore execution, those sleepless nights, those rejections from top class investors and yes, that never-give-up attitude that leads to the success of a start-up.

Out of the box things

The names we have talked about above are names that are known to everyone now. But there are start-ups that are reimagining the future. Airbnb has made travel stay next-level easier. BlaBlaCar is solving the market for people who want to carpool for long distance trips.

start-ups--out of the box

Platforms such as Fiverr are making it possible for freelancers to earn by working to varied clients. Instacart works along the same lines by making use of the on-demand freelance workforce. Electric Objects is working to change the relevance of digital art in the modern world.

The future of start-ups

Increasing number of start-ups are dedicating their time, technology, and resources to design solutions for important matters. Easy payments, cab bookings, online shopping, and online education may not seem crucial things to most people but when you think about it, they make your life easier.

With escalating funding and curiousity for new technological inventions, start-ups are witnessing an increasing support from multiple dimensions. When we think about it, it seems improbable to have an area of life that has not been touched by technology and yet new technologies continue to surprise us. The era of start-ups is just beginning and it would be exciting to see what other solutions it can come up with.

Do you have a start-up idea in mind? Let us know!

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