That’s my Home

Home. A place that has such inherent calm to it. Over the years, through movies and books and stories, we have been exposed to so many different ways of defining what home is. I don’t think anyone even looks up the definition of home anymore. And why would one? Home is different for everyone, isn’t it?

The TEDx Dharamshala team asked the tribe to tell us what home was for them and here are the different homes that we have come to know in the past week.

  1. Maa
  2. A feeling, a smell, a taste, a voice, a touch–home is a person.
  3. Where I don’t have to wear pants.
  4. A Relief.
  5. Forests, clouds, and ocean.
  6. Wherever I can be my true self.


  7. A place where the heart feels secure, happy, and comfortable.
  8. Where the heart is.
  9. View of Dhauladhaur in the morning from my window.
  10. Hope.
  11. Where the Wi-Fi connects automatically.
  12. Something/one that will hold you always.


  13. Values.
  14. Family.
  15. Memories.
  16. Where I can be naked–emotionally and physically.
  17. Reality.
  18. Imperfection.


  19. Home is where you are content.
  20. Watching the moon.
  21. Where the rags become quilts.
  22. No Judgements.
  23. Listening to Imagine Dragons and reading Sylvia Plath.
  24. Where my mind is at peace.


  25. Origin and Destination. And everything in between.
  26. Whatever smells like my mother’s food.
  27. Warm pajamas and a cup of tea.
  28. Stories worth telling.
  29. Spirit.
  30. Nothing.

So folks, now you tell us, what is home to you?

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