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All of us humans have been bothered by this question at some point in our lives. What’s the meaning of life? Whether it was on a long rainy night or in the middle of the day, we have all invested our energy and time into answering that question. The TEDx Dharamshala team was amazed at the diversity of answers we got for that question in one room. So, we decided to ask people all over the world to tell us what they thought adds meaning to life.

Here we have, the 30 best responses we got.

  1. Intentions and Perspective.
    Saee Vaze, 24.
  2. Helping people spiritually.
    Ranjeet Solanki
  3. Faith and Hope.
    Parul Rana, 25
  4. Being able to light up someone’s life in any small way possible.
    Riya Gupta, 25
  5. Kindness.
    Melissa Murray, 24
  6. Experiences.
    Latika Dhiman, 23meaning--experiences.
  7. Pizza.
    Gary Mecardo, 28
  8. Continuing to move forward.
    Joanne Monera, 46
  9. Destiny.
    Courtney Billiot, 26
  10. Love.
    Komal Sharma, 27
  11. The journey itself.
    Meher Mishra, 36
  12. Appreciation.
    Anvita Sheel, 28meaning--gratitude
  13. Gratitude.
    Jamie Roberts, 26
  14. Dessert!
    Aanchal Arora, 29
  15. Travel.
    Danny, 27
  16. Heartbreaks.
    Sameera Sharma, 37
  17. Achievements. No matter how small. Even getting out of bed on a really crappy day is a victory that adds meaning to my life.
    Lana Maria, 40
  18. Thoughtful Conversations.
    Rosanna Jane, 38meaning--achievements
  19. Family. Both blood and water.
    Charu Khatri, 24
  20. Knowledge.
    Garima Mehra, 28
  21. Dreams.
    Janvi Mehta, 39
  22. Empathy.
    Vanshika Mohapatra, 38
  23. Fears.
    Apurva Sheel, 23
  24. Humility.
    Sara Khan, 27

  25. Good Music.
    Myra Tanotri, 28
  26. Living.
    Olivia Green, 29
  27. Appreciation.
    Diya Khurana, 45
  28. Desires.
    Meera, 27
  29. Introspection.
    Dhriti Shah, 28
  30. A Dictionary.
    Aditya Hegde, 25

Pretty awesome! The TEDx Dharamshala tribe sure knows how to make people think! What do you think gives meaning to life? Let us know!

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