That is the best Feeling

Feeling /’fiːlɪŋ/

an emotional state or reaction.

We humans go through life experiencing emotions. We feel, and therefore, we exist. Every human being in this earth has experienced the emotional state of happiness, bliss, gratitude, blessing, heartbreak, sadness, apathy, empathy, loathing, and possibly all the other emotions.

But if you had to choose the one best feeling that you have experienced, what would that be?

The TEDxDharamshala Team asked people around the country and well, here is what they had to say.

  1. The feeling of finally being at home.
    Raunak Tanwar, 28
  2. Being loved unconditionally;
    Parul Bansal, 25
  3. Realisation of a true blessing in your life;
    Anvita Sheel, 28
  4. Being accepted by the people I care about;
    Suzana Joel, 26
  5. Being loved by an animal;
    Gurveen Kaur, 24.
  6. When you wake up from a peaceful sleep;
    Swarali Vaidya, 24feeling--chill
  7. Seeing something I created from scratch, take shape;
    Abhisht A Pathtak, 24
  8. When you make a child laugh.
    Shikha Katoch, 27
  9. When you realize that you are, on your own, enough;
    Apurva Sheel, 23
  10. Making a dream come true;
    Latika Dhiman, 23
  11. The feeling after laughing so hard that your stomach hurts.
    Rahul Raj, 25
  12. When a stranger smiles because you were kind to them.
    Madhavi Shah, 27
  13. Failure;
    Sanjay Sharma, 30
  14. When you work out so hard, your gut aches;
    Shiva Gupta, 26
  15. Finding peace in your solitude.
    Divya Marwa, 28
  16. Landing your dream job;
    Abhinn Dogra, 26
  17. Forgiving yourself;
    Kanika Vaid, 36
  18. When someone just gets you;
    Aarav Gupta, 29feeling--connection
  19. Moving to a new place;
    Riya Sharma, 27
  20. Making a fully-cooked, good-taste meal on your own for the first time;
    Melissa Murray, 28
  21. When you take a long hot shower after a long hard day.
    Priyanka Khatri, 27
  22. When she kisses me.
    Vaibhav Arora, 28
  23. The feeling when you can speak your mind without any filters.
    Manali Khapre, 37
  24. Sunbathing at the beach after playing in the water.
    Vasu Sharma, 28
  25. Taking off my bra.
    Varsha Mahante, 29
  26. When he plays with my hair.
    Naina Kaur, 27
  27. Running barefoot on grass.
    Satyam Sharma, 28
  28. The mini-hand massage after a manicure.
    Koyal Nanda, 27
  29. Walking in the rain.
    Ansh Raj, 28
  30. Giving birth.
    Aakriti Chaudhary, 32

Pretty amazing feelings, right? What is the best feeling you have ever experienced? Let us know!

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