That is beauty.

We are not even going to indulge in the definition of beauty. The concept of beauty, most of us here agree, is subjective. What’s beautiful to someone may not be beautiful to someone else and that is okay. But as sad as it may sound, not everyone believes that. Popular culture has instilled in a majority of the population, strict ideals of beauty. We would like to believe that the smart ones here would know what we’re hinting at and so we would not indulge in pointing them out.

It was just among a discussion fired up by such beautiful idol being highlighted in a movie that we decided to ask our tribe what they thought beauty was. Some of us thought that it was going to be a useless exercise because most people would give the same answer but annoying optimists exist everywhere.

So, we asked the country’s youth to tell us what beauty meant to them. And we have to say, our faith in intelligent humans was restored.

  1. A pure heart.
  2. Radiating love.
  3. Laughter unrestricted by reservation.
  4. Imperfections.
  5. Kindness.
  6. Beauty is in not giving up.
  7. I know this person who, in spite of fighting with her demons all day and night, gets shit done. She is beautiful.
  8. Confidence. People who know their shit are beautiful.
  9. A humble demeanor.
  10. A giving heart and mind.
  11. To me, effort is beautiful.
  12. Consistency.
  13. Wrinkles of an effortless smile.
  14. Honesty. Absolutely nothing is more beautiful than someone who can be raw, vulnerable, and honest.
  15. But, why do we even have to define it? It’s just something that’s there. It exists. Without Borders.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? We really liked these new definitions of beauty! Do you have any other definition? Let us know.

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