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We are only 10 days away from the main conference and the mood here is electric. In the days that follow we’ll introduce to you, the remaining 5 speakers for TEDxDharamshala 2017, and give you an opportunity to go behind the scenes. This journey has been amazing and as the conclusion approaches near, it’s time we thank the awesome people who helped us get to this point. We’ve had a wonderful team working for the event, but there are many outside who contributed to this venture with the same zeal and enthusiasm. No amount of words can thank them enough for their contribution, but we will still try.

Social Media Outreach Partners

The importance of the online world cannot be underestimated in today’s digital era. Dharamshala is a small city, but we wanted TEDxDharamshala to leave a mark globally. Where offline promotions failed, our social media partners helped us spread the word to the TEDx community worldwide. Their influence and dominating presence in the social media world has helped us connect to many and more. Shout out to our partners on Instagram: Tibetoday, Insta Himachal, Himalayan Geographic, Himachal Pictures, and BeingDharamshalian; and on Facebook: Dharamshala.


Ashutosh Malik

Shilpa Jain

Varun Rattan Singh

You might think it’s easy to organize an event in a city as small as Dharamshala, which some still refer to as a town. But that brings its own challenges, especially when you are doing something that not many are aware of. Through this challenging journey, we were advised by some of the most notable people of the city. Chief among them were Ashutosh Malik, Shilpa Jain, and Varun Rattan Singh. Not only did they give us wise counsel but also lent us and directed us towards, the resources that were required for bringing TEDxDharamshala to the stage. The entire team is grateful to this Golden Trio for not just their help with the event but also for being our role models and making this a learning experience for all of us.


This event wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the visionaries who believe in the power of ideas and knowledge. When we started out, many warned us that we might not find the support that was required from those outside the team. Dharamshala, however, doesn’t cease to surprise and impress. We would like to begin in a chronological order here by first thanking a young man of 20, Mr. Shashank Sharma, whose contribution to help us activate this community has been ground-breaking. A businessman, as well as a college student, Shashank’s open-mind, and open-hand, proved once again that you are never too young to contribute towards the change that you want to see.

Shashank Sharma



Next, we would like to thank Mr. Anirudh Suri, who heads the Dharamshala Tea Company and Maximus Mall, Dharamshala, for sponsoring the TEDxDharamshala Adventure and venue for the main conference. The mesmerizing beauty of the Mann Tea estate will be accessible to all our attendees who will be joining us for the Adventure, thanks to Mr. Suri.



Last but not the least, huge thanks to Bodhi Greens, Dharamshala’s first Vegan Restaurant, who have agreed to be our Food Partners. The wonderful cuisine of Himachal will be served to all our attendees during the main event, thanks to them.

Activation Partners

Government PG College Dharamshala

Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamshala Cantt.

The months that followed July were extremely hectic for the Community Activation team. Their job was the toughest: reach out to the right audience in and around Dharamshala. While the dynamic team of three of our volunteers saw that through, they couldn’t have done it half so well if it weren’t for our activation partners. We, therefore, express our gratitude to Geshe Jamyang of Tong-Len Charitable Trust and his team led by Ms. Mridul, for their unparalleled support; Mr. Sunil Mehta, Principal, Government PG College Dharamshala and their teaching staff for helping us reach out to the youth of Dharamshala; and Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, Director, and Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo, Principal, Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamshala Cantt. for their tremendous support in helping us reach out to the young minds of the Tibetan community.

None of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for the contributions of all those we have mentioned in this blog. The team of TEDxDharamshala hopes that we deliver an event worthy of your contribution and expectations.

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