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The socially accepted norm is that humans begin learning when they start going to school. We have based our entire society, regardless of borders, on this very principle. So, intellect and ability are often judged based on the educational certifications that an individual has to show. But is that where it ends? If we look at all the great minds that have been recorded in history, no one fits perfectly into this pattern. All the revolutionaries and pioneers have all had one thing in common, which was learning from experience. Learning from observation, and application of theories, both original and existing.

We at TEDxDharamshala want to take our audience beyond these shackles that the society has bound us all in. the first step is to realize that it is an experience that counts far more than theoretical knowledge. We want you to change lanes and have a taste of all that is out there in whatever short span of time you have with us. While the mind-blowing talks by our speakers will help us achieve this aim, we are taking it a little further, with a space we call, The Experiential.

TEDxDharamshala Experiential

The dictionary meaning of the adjective Experiential is, “involving or based on experience and observation.” Keeping the spirit of learning from a dictionary alive, we turned the word from an adjective to a noun to suit what we have to offer. The TEDxDharamshala Experiential is a dedicated space at the main event where we put ideas on display for our tribe to see & interact. See some of the most dynamic ideas in motion all around you, as you interact with the environment. We take the ‘take-aways’ from the conference a step further by introducing you to new ideas without putting them on a stage. These ideas delivered to you through your own interest and wonder will give you a lot more food for thought.

Excited? Well, if you aren’t already, then maybe what we have in store will lift your spirits. In this blog, we’ll be introducing you all the ‘experientials’ that we have planned for our audience. Read on and I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.


Innovation Space

Bring on the techie in you as we take you through the innovation space at TEDxDharamshala. Remember we promised we’ll give you the complete Himachal experience? Why leave the scientific advancement out then? We have collaborated with IIT Mandi to bring the recent technological developments and start-ups to the Experiential. The culture of localizing innovation to metropolitans has left the human resource untapped in many regions of the country. Through our initiative, we would like to give the world a glimpse of the genius that resides in Himachal Pradesh. So, put your thinking caps on as we take you through endless possibilities of innovation.


Art and Photography

We have already introduced you to Sarika Singh, the master Thangka painter from Dharamshala. But Thangka isn’t the only art form that this region boasts of. Kangra art is one the most renowned art form around the world. Experience the most authentic art of Thangka and Kangra, that you are sure to not find anywhere outside Himachal. The artists of Dharamshala have taken their scope further by incorporating knowledge of other art forms into their culture. This mystifying blend of the most beautiful expression of human emotions will all be on display for observation and dialogue.

Tourists from around the world are spellbound by the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala, as anyone reading this knows already, has emerged as the most prominent tourist destinations in the state, mainly because of the variety of landscapes it offers. The allure of this city has been the inspiration for many pictures which we’ll be displaying for our attendees. Look at the world through the lens of an admirer of beauty.


Kangra Art

Photo Booth

While you are already admiring the genius of photography, why not click some pictures of your own? We all want these wonderful memories to stay with you forever. What better way to ensure that than taking hard copies of your time a TEDxDharamshala? Your friends who didn’t make it to the event would love to see the fun you had. Although we sure would love them to be at the event, we would most definitely help you share the day with them. Maybe next time, they’ll be here doing the same. So, get clicked or click a selfie, the TEDxDharamshala photo booth will cater to all your photography needs.


Blogger’s Lounge

We know it’s going to be great and we want it all covered. Many enthusiastic bloggers have agreed to be a part of the TEDxDharamshala experience and let their readers know of the latest updates from the event. Get the opportunity to interact with these wonderful weavers of words as they had their opinion on the subject of the conference. Discuss the talks that inspired you the most. See the event from a new perspective as you watch these philosophical minds at work. Consider this an added benefit to the already motivating line of speakers. Well, if you are a blogger, feel free to work with your contemporaries.


Book Stall


We saved the most popular for the last. We can hear all the book enthusiasts going crazy. Nothing is as soothing as the weight of a book in hand. During the conference, you’ll listen to many inspiring personalities whose lives are a lesson in their own right. If you want to dig deeper into their lives, books written by them will be available in our book space as well. But we want to ‘Inspire Possibilities’, so we won’t restrict your scope to autobiographies and the like. Enter the world of every genre that comes under the categories of fiction and non-fiction.


If you still think that TEDxDharamshala is just a conference where you’ll have to sit all day listening to people, well, there’s more to come. But if this is more than what you thought, book your passes now before they end!


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