TEDxDharamshala Adventure: The Journey of a Beverage

One of the things that make TEDxDharamshala a conference to look forward to is the very city that we host this event in. The beauty of Dharamshala cannot be defined in words, no matter how eloquent you are in the art of writing. It’s an experience that one has to have to understand the emotions that cannot be conveyed otherwise. But the essence of Dharamshala lies as much in the culture of the people who live here, as it does in the geographic magnificence. So, when you visit Dharamshala for the most-awaited event of the year we want you to leave with a lot more than just the main conference. With that aim, we would like to introduce you to the TEDx Adventure that we have planned for our attendees.

What is a TEDx Adventure?

The prime focus of a TEDx event is to share new ideas with the community. While most of these ideas are conveyed through the talks that our speakers deliver, sometimes we try to give a practical experience to our attendees. As TED.com defines it, “TEDx Adventures is an initiative that invites TEDx organizers to put ideas into action through curated activities before or after a TEDx event.”

Since there is so much to the Dharamshala experience we would like to give you an opportunity to explore something key to the city. An enterprise that is as integral a part of your daily life as it is of Dharamshala. Yet, many of us either overlook the behind the scenes wonders or don’t get an opportunity to witness the magic despite the wanderlust.

Heaven in Dharamshala

There are very few places on the earth that would make one feel that if heaven exists, this is what it must look like. The tea gardens in Dharamshala can be aptly called a paradise on the face of this earth. The scenic beauty of the Mann Tea Estate is beyond compare. As one enters from the Chilgari side of the estate, a canopy of trees leads to the most mesmerizing sight your eyes will ever see. With the Himalayas gracing its background, the sun-kissed tea plantations make up for the most picturesque landscape one can hope to see.

This beauty attracts many tourists from around the country and the world. While the tea gardens have become a key feature on the tourist guides, what not many are able to see is the fascinating process that starts from these gardens and ends in our tea cups every morning. This entire escapade is what we are offering at TEDxDharamshala Adventure.


The Journey of a Beverage

A cup of tea in the morning has become an integral part of households across India. It’s not just a morning ritual but a beverage that connects us as a society. We bond over tea. We celebrate and connect over tea. But how many of us have seen the tedious journey that those two leaves of tea plucked from the plant go through in order to satiate our caffeine craving each day?

Along with the captivating experience of the Mann Tea estate, allow us to take you behind the scenes of Dharamshala Tea Company, where for more than a century, the famous Kangra tea is being processed into a variety of variants. Imbibing the culture of Kangra into the exotic tea variants, the Dharamshala Tea Company will lift the curtains and allow us a peek backstage.

Join us as we take you through the entire experience of tea processing, where you won’t just watch, but participate in the entire exercise. From plucking the leaves to brewing your own cup of tea, it’s an experience that you don’t get to engage in every day. Add to that the heavenly setting of the tea gardens and you are sure to not leave even when the day is done.

For the TEDxDharamshala Adventure 2017, allow us to take you on a euphoric expedition brewed on the foothills of the Himalayas and served in a cup brimming with ever-lasting memories.


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