Exercise--Be kind to your body

Be kind to your body

More than 2 million fitness and health-related videos and posts are shared on social media every day. Add that with the increasing popularity of virtual gyms and yoga classes and you would think that staying fit would be among everyone’s top priorities.

But, it is not.

A pan-India survey conducted in 2018 revealed that 53% of Indians admitted that they are not disciplined enough to stay fit. That’s because out of the 10.6 million people who were interviewed, 53% lack the time to work out, 36% lack the motivation that is needed, and 14% are clueless as to where to begin the whole fitness regime.

Why are we so unkind to our body? Yes, we are progressing with the digital age making global communication and business possible but we are continuously regressing with physical activities. The sedentary lifestyle is taking over our lives and in light of that, it is very valid for someone to say that their schedule does not allow them to hit the gym for 2 hours a day.

But, here are the questions. Is that reason enough to let this new lifestyle destroy our body? Of course, we all look good but are we fit? Is our heart healthy? Do we have the stamina to run miles in case of emergencies? Is our body happy with what it’s being fed?

For most of us, the answer is going to be a soft no. But, it should give us hope to know that all’s not lost. It is maybe too ambitious to have as many as 1 million people stick to a rigid fitness routine but it is not difficult to give them the motivation.

No-sweat Exercise

Majority of us are slaves of the corporate world today. That often stops us from setting aside time to work out. But that doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop us from working out while we’re working. There are some subtle, and some not-so-subtle, ways of getting some fraction of exercise into your digitally-dominated life.

Exercise--no sweat exercise

  1. Walk when you talk. Keep your feet moving when you take those conference calls.
  2. Flex when you queue. Give your thighs some exercise while you’re waiting in line to get coffee.
  3. Squat while you pee. I don’t think that needs an explanation.
  4. Take the stairs. They have done nothing for you to repel them.
  5. Shop with baskets, not trolleys. This gives your shoulders and biceps a much-needed strength stretch.
  6. Combine exercise with something you have to do. If you’re cooking, include squats in between. Movie date? Commit to a 30-second plank in each commercial.

Eat good stuff

Okay, so healthy stuff does not taste as good as melting cheese but is that really so bad? Your body is not going to hate you because you fed it a salad or a lot of fresh fruit. It’s going to love protein and greens.

exercise--healthy food

  1. Not a fan of fruit? Make smoothies.
  2. Eat yogurt for dessert.
  3. Raw honey and/or brown sugar all the way.
  4. One, just one, cup of green tea/coffee a day.
  5. Whole grain bread!
  6. Lots of water!!


Because Google does not have all the answers. Give your mind the time to breathe and relax, to wander, to think about things that matter.


  1. Breathing exercises after you get up and before you go to sleep.
  2. 5 minutes of off-screen time after every 40 minutes you work.
  3. At least one hour of no-internet a day.
  4. Fewer movies, more sunsets.
  5. Conversations with yourself.
  6. A strict sleep schedule.

Life’s getting convenient but we should not let convenience override health. There’s always a way around every issue and we offer you some of those here! If you have more solutions, let us know!

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