Silly, little (but important) reasons to Keep Going

Motivation loves playing hide-and-seek with us. Life gets a little too adamant at times and it can get pretty difficult to find the inspiration to keep going. But what we often forget is that there don’t always have to be big reasons to look forward to another day in life. You don’t have to look forward to surviving another day because of your job or your relationships.

Every now and then, you can look forward to the coming day because you know this is the day you’re going to have pancakes on after a long time or the fact that a good movie is going to be on the TV.

So, here are some silly, little (but just as important) reasons for you to look forward to another day

  1. To hug your mother.
  2. So that you can get tired all over again and have that peaceful sleep.
  3. Your sibling will get the last doughnut.
  4. Coffee.
  5. Your package is arriving and the delivery address is your office’s.
  6. Because your morning breath is not all that pleasant.
  7. To feel the grass.Motivation
  8. Who’ll check out that cute guy in HR if you miss work?
  9. You have to change the bedsheets.
  10. The library will charge you if you don’t return the book today.
  11. You need to get to the next level of Candy Crush.
  12. There’s a sale at Macy’s.
  13. Your favourite movie is on.
  14. Ice cream.
  15. You need to know if Rachel got off the plane.

What are your silly, little reasons to get up in the morning?

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