Are you cut-out to be a SPEAKER at TEDxDharamshala? Tips for submitting a strong nomination.

TEDxDharamshala is a platform for change.

A change that can be brought through a creative and confident display of ‘ideas worth spreading’. Dharamshala has been an abode to countless inspirational figures who work towards the progress of the global community.

Keeping that in mind, we would like YOU to nominate speakers and performers who possess the same passion and desire to do something good for the world. These nominations can be of any age and from any walk of life and should carry with them an idea which inspires others to do more.

Here are a few guidelines to help you select your nomination(s):-

We need speaker/performers who believe in ‘Inspiring Possibilities’ in others. In simpler words, they must possess a strong and original idea. Not having spoken on any TED or TEDx stage earlier is a plus.



Make sure that their idea is backed by solid facts and properly constructed. No Pseudo science, please.



Your nominee(s) should be confident and smooth in their vocabulary. Ask yourself the following: “Is he/she the right person to display this idea?” or “Will he/she be able to bring out the full meaning and intent of their presentation?”



The scope of the idea being presented can be local or can be targetted towards a certain geography or section of the society, but, it should be open enough to be extrapolated to a global scale. If it relates directly to Dharamshala, then that is always a plus.



Nominate those who drive themselves for the betterment of society by sharing their ideas and not selling their product. Please don’t nominate people who intend on promoting a product or themselves. TEDxDharamshala or any other TEDx stage is not a place for advertisement or endorsement.

You can submit your nominations here.
We understand the time and effort that goes into your submissions, and for that, we are ever-grateful.

We look forward to unveiling the list of speakers soon. Till then, visit our website and follow us on Facebook(@TEDxDharamshala) to get regular updates.


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