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With technology booming up, every other word is taking the prefix ‘e’ to it. Salary, which was paid in the form of cheques, is now directly processed into bank accounts, leading to the introduction of e-Salary. Similarly, the buying and selling of day-to-day products can be done with a single click and this has resulted in the formation of a considerably significant sector of the Indian Economy called e-Commerce. And now, the internet is awarding education to people in the form of a service called e-learning.

Being a 90’s child, I have had excess to both traditional and digital ways of teaching. I could clearly point the difference I felt in my ability to learn through both ways. Mundane classrooms were transformed to high-tech ‘smart classrooms’. And our real-time teacher became a virtual one. This was a decade ago. Fast forward to today where Ed-Tech start-ups are revolutionising the education industry. Byju’s, Educart, Unacademy, and Coursera are few amongst the hundreds of e-Tech start ups that have made learning easy.


The innovative strategies and fun methods of teaching have intrigued children and made them curious enough to learn. Above all, the most important benefit of e-learning is its accessibility. You might be sitting in some remote area and still get access to top-notch courses being taught in some other part of the country.

online learning-accessibility

With digitalization being the new cool, colleges like Harvard and Stanford have introduced online courses for their international students. Unacademy has the youngest possible teachers on board. Yes, it appoints college students as teachers and these students circulate their lectures in video format across the internet. This simple yet creative method has made Unacademy a million-dollar business within a few years.


Ever wondered of pursuing any sport or game as a career option but the lack of proper training made you chuck out the plan? To provide you a super cool platform to learn Chess, Nurtr has launched its Dream Room project hitting 4000+ schools and it plans to expand its business in various other areas. And if that was not awesome already, Nurtr provides learning platform to all age groups. Anyone and everyone can sign up. Learning does not mean memorising the periodic table or cramming Newton’s laws but to pursue what you love and Nurtr has made this statement quite evident through its business plan.

online learning--opportunity

e-learning has proven to be a boon to people who are preparing for Competitive Exams. With the concept of live classes coming up one can get access to knowledge anywhere, anytime. QS leap and GMAT Club offer plethora of knowledge for GRE and GMAT. Career360 and Shiksha.com provide in depth analysis of colleges across India, eliminating the need of any middle men. Quora is another platform where you can meet intellectual heads and can learn about Zillion things. LinkedIn provides you with ample courses on Marketing, Advertising, Accounting and Leadership.


e-Learning does not only mean sitting in front of computer screen and listening to recorded lectures, it’s more than that. You can get in touch with people who are working on the same project or are studying the same course. This extended interaction makes learning better. The best part about online classes is that they provide a demo class. This gives us the liberty to go for different demo classes and then sign up for the best one.

online learning--choice

e-learning has brought learning to people instead of the other way around. Make the best possible use of this opportunity and try to invest your time and money into things that upgrade you and level up your career too for online learning is not the next big thing, it is now the big thing.

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