India in 2017

Together we are one strong nation.

We are a great nation. I think we all will agree on this. India is a beautiful amalgamation of diverse culture and heritage. A cesspool of ideologies, a characteristic so unique to our land that India is a whole world in itself.
All this is great but there is a catch.
It becomes a challenge to maintain a harmonious balance between the conflicting ideologies.
Which brings us to this half yearly review of what we Indians have collectively managed to achieve so far in 2017.

We have managed to wage a war over a cricket game.

Yup! This one is recent.
We (Indians and our brothers) have managed to degrade a healthy competition into a freaking game of honour. Forever debating on who started it first, like kids. Only this time we abuse more explicitly and hurt more brutally.

We have managed to slaughter each other in the name of religious symbols.

Cows are sacred to us. We choose to believe in this. Someone might have different beliefs. our solution ” lets beat them” or “hey let’s slaughter a cow on camera to worsen it up”. Why do we fail to see something so obvious? Things which we do to protect our religious beliefs are exactly what are religions forbade us to do.
We need to start practising empathy and logic and tolerance in this country.

What happened in Kashmir, where DSP Mohammad was beaten to death outside the mosque by a mob or in U.P where in the name of ‘Gau Raksha ‘ the mob brutally manhandled two people just out of false suspicion. Or even the liberals who supported the slaughter of cow on live media is an example of what Buddhist call ” ignorance fuelled hatred”.

We are mid-way through 2017. A perfect time to stop and reflect on where we are headed. Spreading senseless and hate fuelled memes won’t do us any good. Protecting and valuing, human life, human dignity and humanity itself should be our religion as a country. We need to embrace our diversity and our differences to create a welfare state which is all tolerating and all flourishing.

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