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I don’t always have an opinion…and that’s okay.

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for us to find out everyone’s opinions. If I were to go through my Facebook feed, or my Twitter, or my Instagram stories, I know that I would, without a doubt, find several statuses and updates about how someone feels about something.

Although, as a millennial toeing some blurred lines, I’ve found it hard to have come to take a certain side and have a “for” or “against” standpoint on things. By “things”, I mean the “this and that” about the “who’s who” that eats through our media time. Most people my age, and younger, tend to have strong opinions on matters of politics, work ethics, gender equality, social stigmas…you get the gist. But I’ve always wondered why it was difficult for me to have the same opinion as majority or, sometimes, have an opinion at all.

So after some introspection and research, I came up with some interesting reasons why I happened to be this way, and why it is okay if you don’t genuinely have Facebook-status-worthy opinions. Here they are:


A General Lack of Information


opinion--lack of information

Most times, I’ve noticed, why we remain quiet about certain things is because we don’t know enough to comment or take a stance.  Without having all the facts, we might not be able to form our own perspective on matters. In case you do want an informed opinion on a certain matter, it would do you good to read up. Look for the opinion of experts on the matter, look up hashtags and tweets, look at not popular but credible news sites. In doing so, you will be able to get a rounded opinion about things.

Inability to Articulate

opinion--tied tongue

Sometimes, I’ve found that I have dismissed certain things I took a stand on because I didn’t spend enough time trying to articulate them. And this was because I didn’t know how to put into words what I felt. Although, I found that it helped to articulate what I felt when I spoke to my friends about it. Building a certain dialogue about things can help you put your opinions into words.

No Room for Discussions

When I’m utterly opinionated about something, I’ve realised that I haven’t found people in my social circles who discuss these matters. My friends and family play a huge role in helping me find perspective on things and giving me a safe place to discuss them. Without the back and forth of “ifs and buts” I usually get to have with my friends or family, I have found that I didn’t have enough impetus to explore my views on a certain topic.

opinion--can't discuss

Also, discussions have a learning dimension inherent in them. I believe, that you should be up for discussions if you’re willing to admit that it might give you an opportunity to gain something of value from the other person. But, sadly, that is rarely the case today. Presently, discussions are synonymous with adamant minds yelling at each other trying to prove that they are right.

Not Your Cup of Tea

I realised that I wouldn’t have much to say about heavy topics like politics or technology or video games, simply because I don’t gravitate towards these topics. Let me elaborate, I simply didn’t personally engage in these areas enough to relate to them enough to have an opinion on them.

And I also do not feel pressured to have an opinion because the entire citizenship has one. No, I cannot discuss which political party is better because I don’t know them enough. And that is completely okay. I am not dumb or stupid or knowledge-less because I didn’t participate in a heated conversation of a vs b.


So, is it okay not to have an opinion?

Yes, I would say so. It is okay if you’re not opinionated or the kind of person who constantly (or occasionally) expresses their opinion. As much as we’re allowed to be entitled to our opinions, we are also entitled to not have any.

It is normal to feel pressured to have an opinion and cook something up quickly. I’ve suffered many awkward situations where I’ve found that I’ve said some offhand and careless things because I thought I just had to say something. And where has that got me? Not in a good place, to say the least.

opinion--still learning

I have found it best to accept the fact that I cannot always relate to everything and that I am still learning about myself and the world around me. I think it’s safe to say that we’re all a work-in-progress and it’s okay to not always have an opinion about everything.

What do you think?

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