How not to let your phone take over your life

Would you like to join me for a cup of Coffee? How about a lunch this afternoon? Each one of us has heard these lines but how many of us have understood them? The other person wants you—you along with your mental presence to be there. But our mobile phones seem to make this mental presence a little hard. Am I right?

Oh! Come on. Stop imaging the times when you messed up your last meet up with a friend. Admit it that mobile phones cost us more than money—they cost us our relationships, mental health, and valuable time.

But the good news is with a little bit of awareness and conscious effort we can make a permanent change. Here I give you some bang on ideas about making your first move towards not letting your phone overtake your life:

phone--keep calm and put away your cell phone


First things first. You need to accept the fact that your mobile phones are doing some damage to your personality. Do you find yourself checking your mobile phone without any reason? Do you feel anxious when you are unable to use your phone? Do you use your phone while driving and eating as well?


If your answer to the above questions is yes, then, my friend, I am afraid you suffer from Nomophobia (smartphone addiction). You can download apps like BreakFree and Offtime to know how much time you spend on your phone. If the stats show 8-10 hours of usage then you need to take some serious action, and soon.

Identify the cause

For every action you do there is a why behind it and these Why’s are different for different people. Why do you feel like picking up your phone every fifteen minutes? Now, if you think it’s because you’re a social person then you are wrong. If you really were that social, you’d go meet people in real or give them a call.

phone--why do you use it?

Stop posting your pictures along with that person and then constantly checking out how many likes and comments you’ve got. And, if your answer to the Why is Boredom, then you seriously need to engage in some recreational activity.

Keeping the Paramount Stuff

Often you might find yourself just scrolling through apps that are completely futile. These apps are the most time-consuming and the least productive. Uninstall them right now. Keep apps that are work-related and help you ease out your life anything besides that can prove to be of great danger in the long run. Also, there are some gaming and social media apps that keep notifying you every now and then. To avoid such distraction, change your phone settings and turn off notifications for such apps.

phone--turn off notifications

That is not to say that you should completely give up social media. While that would be one way, if you’re not ready for it, you can try to decrease the time you spend on those apps because accept it or not, they are hindering your productivity.

No Phone Hour

Now that we are aware of the problem, we need to start with some baby steps and cure this mess completely. How about starting with 1 hour each day? This one hour you will not use your phone, come what may. Put your phone on silent and keep it at a place quite distant from you and do some recreational stuff meanwhile—write a diary entry, drop a hand-written letter to some old friend, watch TV, draw, work out, or just chill.

phone--no phone hour

Ignorance is Bliss

For a day, try to forget those lit memes you keep tagging your friends in, that funny comedian on YouTube, that cute girl/guy you keep texting, and that profile picture and cover photo getting you 100+ likes. Try giving all such activities a little less energy and eventually your desire to do such activities will fade away.

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