Freedom of LOVE

We live in a world surrounded by turmoil. Even though some might claim that things are getting better, for the common man these changes are hard to see, for no such progress is evident to him. All the great minds and important people on this planet profess that love is the solution to these problems. Only when we love our fellow men can we hope to achieve peace in all spheres of life. Many of us believe in this philosophy, practising it is another matter entirely. For all our talk of love being the most important emotion of all, we cannot seem to keep aside our desire to control everything, which has risen to our dislike of the expression of love, in the most basic and yet considered divine, form. Our inability to permit the existence of love in all forms is what has led to an ostracised community, known as the LGBTQ+ Community, whose problems are entirely based on our opposition to Freedom of Love.

Section 377 of the Indian constitution prohibits any sexual union that goes against the order of nature. What’s hilarious is the fact that we who believe that God has created everything on this planet have now taken upon ourselves the responsibility of defining what is acceptable by nature, and what isn’t. If God is supposed to be controlling everything that happens on this planet, and if we so whole heartedly believe that nothing can happen against his will, then how can same sex attraction be out of the natural order? Section 377 has criminalised intercourse between people of the same gender, which roughly puts homosexual intercourse in the same category as theft, extortion, acid attacks, and rape. That is how hard we are on the expression of love.

So, where does the problem lie? In our religion? Our beliefs? The society? Or maybe none of the areas we are used to accusing. The problem is within our very being. The problem is that we feel that we know it all, that all the mysteries of the world have been solved and we are now the kings of this world. Thus, when anything that questions the rule of the book comes along, we oppose it vehemently. Homosexuality, that sounds so unnatural right now, is facing the same fate as women rights did when they were first made a thing back in 1848. Whoever has threatened the intellectual capacity of the ruling community has been ostracised time and again. We are so obsessed with control that we often forget that this world is far greater and wiser than our understanding of it. Hence, for many more years to come, we’ll see opposition to the LGBTQ+ community, if not in the law, then in the hearts of those whom these laws are made for.

There are problems related terrorism, nuclear weapons, poverty, hunger, lack of education, health, global warming and much more around the globe that threaten the very existence of life on this planet, and yet we are adamantly opposing one change in ideology that can help so many. The number of homosexuals who live in depression because of the pressure that conforming to the rules of society puts on them can reduce significantly if we open our hearts to light. We were all born with the same principles that preach that marriage is between a man and a woman, but it isn’t just about pleasing the society, is it? Love is universal, and it can be between two men or two women. The plight of the transgender community deserves a blog of its own and all of this can change for the better if we become a little more accepting of ideas that aren’t in the imaginary rule book.


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