ऋणानुबंध | (a bond that can never be broken)

23-year-old Aditya shares a heart-wrenching story of a bond that can never be forgotten.

My Sister from Another Mister.

Social Media – such a confusing place. I have been on Facebook for almost a decade now. It has become a part of me, as much as I have been a part of it. Has shaped who I have become.

It is here that I have seen people love one and hate the other. People lose lives and save lives. Some having raised millions of dollars for a good cause, while some have lost a means to their daily bread. Fallen in and out of love. Had affairs and reconciliations.

If heaven and hell were to meet someday, they’d probably find a perfect a cent percent match on the Internet.

But, what is social media anyways?

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My tryst with Anxiety

24-year-old Devashree Vyas from Mumbai shares what she remembers of her relationship with anxiety.

For some reason, the moment I started writing this article, about my foray into knowing and understanding mental health, I expected the perfect words to be generated across my mind and be reflected as I type out this article. However, much to the contrary, here I am, floundering for words to express how I feel about something I am personally acquainted with, which is simultaneously something that makes me realize, that the more I find out, the more I need to learn.

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Introspection Inspired by a Virtual Almighty

24-year-old Swarali Vaidya from Pune shares how reading a sci-fi blog led her to introspect patriarchy.

It is a fact that we live in a patriarchal society. No, I am not an anti-feminist. Yes, things are changing. But they haven’t changed enough just yet to make patriarchy a thing of the past. Turning this patriarchal society (for whatever reasons by whoever wants to change it) into a matriarchal society or an egalitarian one is going to be a long task. And I think that’s because patriarchy is so deep-rooted—at least in our minds.

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How I give Meaning to My Life

An optimist’s struggle to find worth in life

A 24-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, shares her struggle to find meaning and worth in life in a conversation with TEDxDharamshala.

Not many people think about a worthy life until they are faced with damaging challenges. As a young adult, there are only numbered times when I have found a satisfying answer to what gives meaning to my life? This question was most often ragged by should have been divorced parents, raging depression, a passion soon losing its vigor, a career that is nowhere to be seen, absolutely zero love interest, and a consuming wish to be dead already.

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I quit social media for 365 days and I am not going back.

Aditya Singh, a 34-year-old government employee from Delhi, shares his experience of living life without social media for a year.

Today, in the digital realm of life that transcends international boundaries and connects people over oceans, having a social media presence is the basic essence of our existence. We are connected 24×7. Whether we like it or not, we know what’s happening in our friends’ life—if she’s single, or going on her dream vacation. Wait, my best friend went on a trip without me (did he do this intentionally or is he dumb enough not to customise his news feed?). Your colleague is on a vacation and you’re sitting in the cubicle wondering why aren’t you. Ohh! I hate this guy—his perfect life with his dream job, good money, loving wife and expensive vacations.

Argghhh! Wait. That’s not it.

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