Boys Don’t Cry

Women rights issues go far and wide. The atrocities that they have faced at the hands of men and even their own gender at times is what drives them to continue the struggle to achieve equality. In the process, we forget one gender that has been ignored all this while. Someone who hasn’t cried for help yet but is being ruined since time immemorial. These are humans whose moral compass is disconcerted by the society, leading to a lot of bad karma building up for them. We are to be blamed, ladies and gentlemen, we all are to be blamed for this moral dilemma that we have been instilling in our fellow beings. We the pioneers of a better world and even our ancestors, are to be blamed for the plight of MEN.

You can laugh all you want, in fact, if you are a man, that is the only emotion you have been taught.

Oh no, there is a second emotion in your list as well, Anger. There has never been any room for tears in your life because since the time you were born the biggest distinction between you and the opposite sex has been the fact that they cry, and you don’t. It might sound very harsh or unnecessary for me to talk about men being harmed in the process of life, but I implore that you stick around and read, why and how they require your attention as much as women do.

I don’t accept that anyone is born evil. Circumstances happen and we turn into the worst of ourselves.

Since the time they are born, men are asked to conform to certain rules and regulations set by the society, just as women have to.

They aren’t allowed to vent out their sadness in tears, but anger is ok. So, for a toddler, all the sadness comes out as anger and then they hit thin air or anyone or anything that is around, which isn’t opposed by the family as vehemently as tears. This aggression is what becomes domestic violence when they grow up. This inability to express, combined with the vessel of what is accepted turns them into monsters.

In their growing years, they are told that they are somehow superior to girls. It might not be done directly (in some cases it is) but if they have a female sibling then the differences are very stark for a child to pick up on. They might not turn villainous straight away but the fact that both men and women are equal is lost on them. If I am allowed to go out with my friends at night and my sister isn’t, then it has to be the fact that she can’t be trusted. If my father asks for my opinion in important matters despite their being an elder sister, maybe she isn’t smart enough. Hence, we have gender discrimination at all places of work and of course, mansplaining.

Then there is objectification.

No, it doesn’t come inbuilt in men, the vice of objectifying, we put that there as well. When you, male or female, comment on some woman’s clothing or body, you are exposing your child to the same bias towards them. You feed them that women aren’t supposed to act a certain way or dress a certain way or talk a certain way. We build biases in our children who take it as a task upon themselves to point others out which then combined with other such minds, takes the form of eve teasing.

The worst of it all is the fact that, they don’t even know they are being degraded.

Thus, this cycle of bad parenting and upbringing continues results of which we can see today. Maybe if we do it a little differently and rise above our stereotypes, or at least not subject our kids to it, things will change for the better. Stop ruining your child’s life. Stop creating an inferior creature who lives in an imaginary world where he rules all, only to fall into the hands of karma at the end of the day.


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