ARTISTIC REVOLUTION: Art forms can change the world

Art has no age, religion or sex. It starts with an idea and a purpose of progressive enlightenment.

For centuries, people with vivid imagination have conglomerated to accomplish certain goals, which have brought about a change in a way that has affected almost everyone. These artistic movements have left a significant mark on history itself, creating trends and setting them in stone (quite literally). Art has no age, religion or sex. It starts with an idea and a purpose of progressive enlightenment. Art forms have risen and subdued throughout time, but never has one died out.

History teaches us one thing: people die but ideas survive.


The first ever artistic movement can be dated back to 400 BCE when the Roman and Greek architecture was revered. Since then, creativity has taken many forms: The Renaissance, Baroque, Mannerism, Abstract and Romanticism to name a few. These art reforms happened for various reasons, but the one reason, which is common for all, is progress.

There is no progress without change.


An artistic revolution is a kind of natural selection process, i.e. only the best prevail. A widespread trend, a strong motivating factor, and creativity are the important elements that can bring about change on a massive scale. For example, during The Renaissance, great painters like Rafael and Da Vinci had strong connections to spread their message to a large number of people, they had the motivation for transforming public mentality and, of course, they had immense creativity.


The past 50 years have seen many artistic movements. Art forms like hyper-realism, funk art, toyism, pseudo-realism and much more have made their mark. This generation has a gigantic imagination potential, which has produced strong artistry that asserts progressiveness. Social media has eliminated the problem of getting a piece of creative out in the open, making it easy for artists to get in touch with like-minded people. Also, it provides a platform to display the process and effort that goes into making a creative and promoted a DIY trend. Some of the best DIY creatives are:

Plastic spoon lamp shade

Bottle flowers

Shoes decor

Clipboard wall art

Paper rosette backdrop


Art will keep evolving along with the society’s evolution of thoughts and advanced knowledge and tools of expression. Whether there will be an art movement on a global scale is hard to say, but we do hope that amidst all the chaos, we are fortunate enough to find the Picassos and Gaudis of today.

And if we are really fortunate, we might come to a cognizant realization – There is an artist in all of us, giving each of us the power and divinity to disrupt.


Author: Amish Mathur

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