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Advice /ədˈvʌɪs/

guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent action.

We’re all struggling in life with something. And we’re all looking to make sense of some things. In our conversations with the people we trust, look up to, or idealize, we often find ourselves at the receiving end of recommendations which force us to take an action. For some of us, these may come from the books we read or the movies we watch. For some, these come from the observations we make, and for some, from unexpected scenarios.

But, all of us, at some point, have come across pieces of advice which have changed our life’s direction. Here, we share 30 such pieces brought to us by youngsters all over the country.

Some insights on living life

life-changing advice-introspection

  1. Don’t rely on someone else’s experience. Make your own.
    Anuja Kohlatkar, 23
  2. Meet every person with a fresh mind.
    Abhimanyu Sharma, 23
  3. Only that can bother you to which you give enough power.
    Saee Vaze; 24
  4. Life is just a series of days.
    Nihar Kulkarni, 20
  5. Never make someone, for whom you are an option, a priority.
    Anamika Rajadhyaksha, 22
  6. Don’t honk unnecessarily while driving.
    Aditya Hedge, 23

Let’s talk emotions!

life changing advice-emotions

  1. Happiness is overrated. Aim at being content. If you’re happy all the time, you won’t appreciate it.
    Eshita Srinivas, 22
  1. Love yourself.
    Kanika Vaid; 36
  1. You must love but not blindly. Keep your eyes and ears open. No matter what happens, just remember your worth.
    Aditi Bansal; 24
  2. Don’t expect your beloved to express their love to you the way you would to them.
    Amorette Lyngwa, 22
  1. If you don’t like yourself, why do you think anyone else would?
    Aaditya Thakur, 18.
  2. Be kind to yourself.
    Gurveen Kaur, 24


life changing advice- learning

  1. Be inquisitive and have a hunger to know.
    Amogh Bhandralia, 24
  2. Believe in who you want yourself to be.
    Swarali Vaidya, 23
  3. You have to live life like you’re alone.
    Maitreyi, 31
  1. Time heals everything. No matter how wounded your soul is.
    Arushi Sharma, 26
  2. You’ll never get time to rest or stop until you die.
    Divya Kunwar, 23
  3. Don’t set out to change the world. Where you are, in the here and now, if you can affect, influence, transform the lives of six people, you are one step closer.
    Pallavi Kaushal, 31

Taking steps forward

life changing advice- moving forward

  1. Choose your battles.
    Sri, 22
  2. Learn to say NO.
    Garima Sharma, 25
  3. If you never ask, you’ll never know. What’s the worst that could happen? They’ll say no. But if they say yes, you learn something new.
    Soumya Bhasin, 23
  4. Here, smoke some pot.
    Annie Madan, 23
  5. There is no shortcut to success and no substitute for hard work. But don’t just work hard. Work happily.
    Tanvir Singh, 28
  6. The only thing that defines you, are your actions. Not your mistakes, not your words, and certainly not the things that have happened to you. Only your actions.
    Jemimah Joseph, 24


life changing advice-realisations

  1. This is the time.
    Suraj Kapri, 23
  1. Don’t tire yourself trying to do everything at once. Park a few things for now and come back to them later.
    Srijan Sharma, 24
  1. You are worth saving.
    Apurva Sheel, 23
  1. Take care of your body. You will need it.
    Kaavya Prasad, 26
  2. Don’t wait for a life-changing advice.
    Josephine Schwa, 24

And a rather long but beautiful poetic advice to keep moving

30. “If not yourself,
be grateful of what you’ve got or
A family who might not always
understand or be there
But yet they are there enough to accept you and just be around.
A sister
who bonds with you enough to find you
to be the one true friend
who want you to be there,
may not actively but passively at least,
who care about your well-being

All of us may not be there 24 hours
or you might not even find us around much often
But I swear to God,
If something happens to you
A lot will shed tears than you think

So, for our sake at least,
be something,
make us proud
and you will be proud of what you have accomplished.
of not giving up,
of becoming something.

Tanvi Salvi, 19

The youngsters today know some pretty great stuff! What’s the best life-changing advice you have ever received?

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