Millennials and Narcissism--the ME generation

What’s causing the rise of narcissism in the youth today?

Fuelled by the incessant opportunities for self-promotion on social media combined with a culture that promotes high self-esteem more than learning, young people’s personalities are changing to become more self-centered and narcissistic.

Let’s define the scope of this discussion before we go any further. The word millennials is used to refer to the generation born between 1980 and 1994. Narcissism—essentially a personality disorder—is now a personality type accompanied by high regards of oneself and lack of sympathy and/or empathy for others.

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That Changed my Life


Advice /ədˈvʌɪs/

guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent action.

We’re all struggling in life with something. And we’re all looking to make sense of some things. In our conversations with the people we trust, look up to, or idealize, we often find ourselves at the receiving end of recommendations which force us to take an action. For some of us, these may come from the books we read or the movies we watch. For some, these come from the observations we make, and for some, from unexpected scenarios.

But, all of us, at some point, have come across pieces of advice which have changed our life’s direction. Here, we share 30 such pieces brought to us by youngsters all over the country.

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Coffee Houses and Wi-Fi | The millenial way of working

I am sitting in a café sipping chai as I write this. If someone comes up to me or calls me right now, I would tell them I am working. I move my eyes around the room and I see about 20 people doing the exact same thing. If I go to the next café, I will probably witness the same scene. I know that because I was there yesterday, which got me thinking:

This is our new way of working—a comfortable couch, a screen, a beverage, and an internet connection.

Does anyone remember what workspaces in India look like?

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