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TEDxDharamshala aims at inspiring the community to step forward and take action.
Through ideas, we facilitate a conversation between thinkers, doers, change makers.
As a result, we open up avenues for dialogue to expose the local community to future possibilities
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More Pixels than People

More Pixels than People

In the digital age that we live in, pointing a camera at our loved ones has replaced staring into their eyes. We are more focused on trying to get the light right than we are on breathing in the beautiful sunset. Who cares if we didn’t actually listen to the vows our friends made to each other as long as we have their perfect wedding shot tucked away in our camera?

Our obsession with creating a moment out of everything is endangering our ability to enjoy the million moments that pass us by in a day.

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That Changed my Life


Advice /ədˈvʌɪs/

guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent action.

We’re all struggling in life with something. And we’re all looking to make sense of some things. In our conversations with the people we trust, look up to, or idealize, we often find ourselves at the receiving end of recommendations which force us to take an action. For some of us, these may come from the books we read or the movies we watch. For some, these come from the observations we make, and for some, from unexpected scenarios.

But, all of us, at some point, have come across pieces of advice which have changed our life’s direction. Here, we share 30 such pieces brought to us by youngsters all over the country.

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Converse with Yourself

Who are you? What do you believe? What is important to you?

Every human being must ask these questions to herself every once in a while. It’s important because the answers to these questions keep changing. We live in a world full of noise and distractions. We are constantly surrounded by social groups preaching different things. With no time to contemplate or reflect on how something makes us feel, no solitude or privacy, no patience, how do we answer the most important questions in life?

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Building a Spirit of Service in Today’s World

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” — Helen Keller

To have a spirit of service in a competitive and opportunistic world is rare. We are continuously taught to build a skill set that is marketable, profitable, sellable, and expendable. In other words, who we are and the skills we hone, are mostly spent on making a living and furthering our best interests.

So, why should we consider volunteering our hard-earned abilities to causes that we can barely leave a dent in to make a difference?

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How to pick a book you will actually read?

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.

DISCLAIMER: I swear on my favourite book that this is not an attempt to turn everyone into a reader.

It is a struggle to find good books. There, I said it. I have been a reader for almost a decade now and I scuffle with finding the right book to read even today. There is so much literature in the world to be explored, it gets overwhelming.

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Coffee Houses and Wi-Fi | The millenial way of working

I am sitting in a café sipping chai as I write this. If someone comes up to me or calls me right now, I would tell them I am working. I move my eyes around the room and I see about 20 people doing the exact same thing. If I go to the next café, I will probably witness the same scene. I know that because I was there yesterday, which got me thinking:

This is our new way of working—a comfortable couch, a screen, a beverage, and an internet connection.

Does anyone remember what workspaces in India look like?

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If you’re a student, you must attend TEDxDharamshala 2019. Here’s why!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “the entire mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

The TEDx group belongs to the third class. And TEDx events give you the opportunity to be a part of that class.

My first experience with TEDx was through the internet. I was scrolling through YouTube when I came across a talk on mental health and I had to listen to it. To be precise, that talk was intense, immoderate, and insightful. One talk led to another which led to a third one which led to a whole night of binging on TED talks. Talk about next-level Netflix and chill!

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TEDxDharamshala: Partners

We are only 10 days away from the main conference and the mood here is electric. In the days that follow we’ll introduce to you, the remaining 5 speakers for TEDxDharamshala 2017, and give you an opportunity to go behind the scenes. This journey has been amazing and as the conclusion approaches near, it’s time we thank the awesome people who helped us get to this point. We’ve had a wonderful team working for the event, but there are many outside who contributed to this venture with the same zeal and enthusiasm. No amount of words can thank them enough for their contribution, but we will still try.

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TEDxDharamshala: Experiential

The socially accepted norm is that humans begin learning when they start going to school. We have based our entire society, regardless of borders, on this very principle. So, intellect and ability are often judged based on the educational certifications that an individual has to show. But is that where it ends? If we look at all the great minds that have been recorded in history, no one fits perfectly into this pattern. All the revolutionaries and pioneers have all had one thing in common, which was learning from experience. Learning from observation, and application of theories, both original and existing.

We at TEDxDharamshala want to take our audience beyond these shackles that the society has bound us all in. the first step is to realize that it is an experience that counts far more than theoretical knowledge. We want you to change lanes and have a taste of all that is out there in whatever short span of time you have with us. While the mind-blowing talks by our speakers will help us achieve this aim, we are taking it a little further, with a space we call, The Experiential.

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Barbie Rajput



We are less than a month away from the conference that we all have been waiting for since June. So, we believe that it is high time that the TEDxDharamshala community is introduced to the inspiring personalities that would grace our stage on the 12th of November. In a series of blogs starting from this one, we’ll be dedicating one post to each of our speakers. Stay tuned as we take you through the astounding lives of the speakers of TEDxDharamshala 2017.

Everyone wants to be a star. Yet only some are born with the exceptional talent to make name for themselves in the celebrity business. Many believe that it is the kids from big cities and renowned families who get ahead in showbiz. However, people who swim against the current and prove the world wrong. With the diverse line up of speakers for TEDxDharamshala 2017, it was necessary to bring on one of the most promising, up and coming music sensations of our time. Thus, we are proud to introduce our next speaker for the most awaited conference of the year, Barbie Rajput.

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