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How I give Meaning to My Life

An optimist’s struggle to find worth in life

A 24-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, shares her struggle to find meaning and worth in life in a conversation with TEDxDharamshala.

Not many people think about a worthy life until they are faced with damaging challenges. As a young adult, there are only numbered times when I have found a satisfying answer to what gives meaning to my life? This question was most often ragged by should have been divorced parents, raging depression, a passion soon losing its vigor, a career that is nowhere to be seen, absolutely zero love interest, and a consuming wish to be dead already.

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The Era of Start-ups

What was the last app you signed in that made your life easier? Oh! Please don’t say you opened Whatsapp to reply to those good morning texts. I meant the apps that got you doing something productive and save your valuable time.

Right from the moment we wake up, we are under the continuous control of modern-day applications.

How many apps do you think an average person uses every day?

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opinion--can't articulate

I don’t always have an opinion…and that’s okay.

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for us to find out everyone’s opinions. If I were to go through my Facebook feed, or my Twitter, or my Instagram stories, I know that I would, without a doubt, find several statuses and updates about how someone feels about something.

Although, as a millennial toeing some blurred lines, I’ve found it hard to have come to take a certain side and have a “for” or “against” standpoint on things. By “things”, I mean the “this and that” about the “who’s who” that eats through our media time. Most people my age, and younger, tend to have strong opinions on matters of politics, work ethics, gender equality, social stigmas…you get the gist. But I’ve always wondered why it was difficult for me to have the same opinion as majority or, sometimes, have an opinion at all.

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That is the best Feeling

Feeling /’fiːlɪŋ/

an emotional state or reaction.

We humans go through life experiencing emotions. We feel, and therefore, we exist. Every human being in this earth has experienced the emotional state of happiness, bliss, gratitude, blessing, heartbreak, sadness, apathy, empathy, loathing, and possibly all the other emotions.

But if you had to choose the one best feeling that you have experienced, what would that be?

The TEDxDharamshala Team asked people around the country and well, here is what they had to say.

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Learning through the Internet

With technology booming up, every other word is taking the prefix ‘e’ to it. Salary, which was paid in the form of cheques, is now directly processed into bank accounts, leading to the introduction of e-Salary. Similarly, the buying and selling of day-to-day products can be done with a single click and this has resulted in the formation of a considerably significant sector of the Indian Economy called e-Commerce. And now, the internet is awarding education to people in the form of a service called e-learning.

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How not to let your phone take over your life

Would you like to join me for a cup of Coffee? How about a lunch this afternoon? Each one of us has heard these lines but how many of us have understood them? The other person wants you—you along with your mental presence to be there. But our mobile phones seem to make this mental presence a little hard. Am I right?

Oh! Come on. Stop imaging the times when you messed up your last meet up with a friend. Admit it that mobile phones cost us more than money—they cost us our relationships, mental health, and valuable time.

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I quit social media for 365 days and I am not going back.

Aditya Singh, a 34-year-old government employee from Delhi, shares his experience of living life without social media for a year.

Today, in the digital realm of life that transcends international boundaries and connects people over oceans, having a social media presence is the basic essence of our existence. We are connected 24×7. Whether we like it or not, we know what’s happening in our friends’ life—if she’s single, or going on her dream vacation. Wait, my best friend went on a trip without me (did he do this intentionally or is he dumb enough not to customise his news feed?). Your colleague is on a vacation and you’re sitting in the cubicle wondering why aren’t you. Ohh! I hate this guy—his perfect life with his dream job, good money, loving wife and expensive vacations.

Argghhh! Wait. That’s not it.

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better person--little things

Little Things that Matter

“Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are living in a world where each of us, each day, is working to get better at what we do. We want to be better cooks, better drivers, better writers, better engineers, and so on. We’re thinking about improving the ways in which we work so that we can have feats to add to our definition. And that’s good. We are aiming at getting our minds better.

But what about our hearts? How many of us are focusing on getting them better?

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Exercise--Be kind to your body

Be kind to your body

More than 2 million fitness and health-related videos and posts are shared on social media every day. Add that with the increasing popularity of virtual gyms and yoga classes and you would think that staying fit would be among everyone’s top priorities.

But, it is not.

A pan-India survey conducted in 2018 revealed that 53% of Indians admitted that they are not disciplined enough to stay fit. That’s because out of the 10.6 million people who were interviewed, 53% lack the time to work out, 36% lack the motivation that is needed, and 14% are clueless as to where to begin the whole fitness regime.

Why are we so unkind to our body?

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Millennials and Narcissism--the ME generation

What’s causing the rise of narcissism in the youth today?

Fuelled by the incessant opportunities for self-promotion on social media combined with a culture that promotes high self-esteem more than learning, young people’s personalities are changing to become more self-centered and narcissistic.

Let’s define the scope of this discussion before we go any further. The word millennials is used to refer to the generation born between 1980 and 1994. Narcissism—essentially a personality disorder—is now a personality type accompanied by high regards of oneself and lack of sympathy and/or empathy for others.

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