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My tryst with Anxiety

24-year-old Devashree Vyas from Mumbai shares what she remembers of her relationship with anxiety.

For some reason, the moment I started writing this article, about my foray into knowing and understanding mental health, I expected the perfect words to be generated across my mind and be reflected as I type out this article. However, much to the contrary, here I am, floundering for words to express how I feel about something I am personally acquainted with, which is simultaneously something that makes me realize, that the more I find out, the more I need to learn.

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My lessons in self-kindness

Mom yelling at the top of her voice. Do you have any plans of getting up this morning? Shall I make you breakfast? Oh! Forget breakfast, half the day is over already, you better have lunch now.

Sleepless nights, imperfect mornings, and constant snubbing from my mom—this was my new lifestyle. I was numb towards everything happening around. The only thing I did was constantly calculate and analyse what went wrong? Where did I not give my best that pushed me to this day? All these questions used to hover around my mind every now and then. I was in a loop, a loop that made me question my self-worth, my confidence, and even my existence.

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That’s How you make Small Talk!

Small talk! A thing that can induce an instant anxiety in most people. An absolutely uncomfortable social norm which is slowly making its way into our lives. The more socially adept people do not have to worry about the tinge of nervousness this ritual can bring with itself. But for the socially awkward people, it can get pretty intimidating.

But like everything in life, there are hacks to making small talk with people.

We asked the TEDx Dharamshala tribe to tell us what their favourite small talk topic was and the suggestions here will sure help you get rid of some of the awkwardness.
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Why you will never Read Classics

Classic: A book that people praise but do not read. –Mark Twain

Readers, non-readers, and average readers have all heard the word classics. We know that in the realm of literature there exists a group of books which have to suffer the adjective classic. They’ll be able to tell you why those books are great, what they talk about, and why they were, and are, significant. They can have discussions about the depth of it and can also criticise it. They know the characters and the turns their lives are going to take.

But let’s admit, majority of the readers will be speaking from an un-informed place where they have not read the books they oh, so fondly talk about. Trust me when I say this, it’s a guilty pleasure for most readers. But why? That is the important question to ask.

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Silly, little (but important) reasons to Keep Going

Motivation loves playing hide-and-seek with us. Life gets a little too adamant at times and it can get pretty difficult to find the inspiration to keep going. But what we often forget is that there don’t always have to be big reasons to look forward to another day in life. You don’t have to look forward to surviving another day because of your job or your relationships.

Every now and then, you can look forward to the coming day because you know this is the day you’re going to have pancakes on after a long time or the fact that a good movie is going to be on the TV.

So, here are some silly, little (but just as important) reasons for you to look forward to another day

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Language and Psychological Reality

I speak a language which lets the speakers choose if they want to show respect to someone while talking about them – just by making everything in plural. You want to use a pronoun to refer to them? Make it plural! There’s a verb for that person’s action? Make that plural as well! And Voila! I’ve have paid my due respect! It’s that easy.

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That’s my Home

Home. A place that has such inherent calm to it. Over the years, through movies and books and stories, we have been exposed to so many different ways of defining what home is. I don’t think anyone even looks up the definition of home anymore. And why would one? Home is different for everyone, isn’t it?

The TEDx Dharamshala team asked the tribe to tell us what home was for them and here are the different homes that we have come to know in the past week.

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Introspection Inspired by a Virtual Almighty

24-year-old Swarali Vaidya from Pune shares how reading a sci-fi blog led her to introspect patriarchy.

It is a fact that we live in a patriarchal society. No, I am not an anti-feminist. Yes, things are changing. But they haven’t changed enough just yet to make patriarchy a thing of the past. Turning this patriarchal society (for whatever reasons by whoever wants to change it) into a matriarchal society or an egalitarian one is going to be a long task. And I think that’s because patriarchy is so deep-rooted—at least in our minds.

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Emotional First Aid 101

Even in the 21st century, not a lot of people will tell you to pay heed to your emotional wound. Scratch that. Not a lot of people will accept the existence of emotional wounds. They will understand that people get hurt, that they want to cry over some things for a while but that would be it.

Majority of us use the phrase losing your mind in our everyday speech but when it comes to embracing the literality of it, most of us fail. And that is where the problems begin.



a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationship with others.

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That’s meaningful

All of us humans have been bothered by this question at some point in our lives. What’s the meaning of life? Whether it was on a long rainy night or in the middle of the day, we have all invested our energy and time into answering that question. The TEDx Dharamshala team was amazed at the diversity of answers we got for that question in one room. So, we decided to ask people all over the world to tell us what they thought adds meaning to life.

Here we have, the 30 best responses we got.

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