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Cross-cultural influences in Indian music

Music has been prevalent in the Indian subcontinent for millennia and is a big part of India’s heritage. Indian music practices date back to the Vedic times (3000 B.C.), with references in Rigpratishakhya, which explains the phonetic aspects of the Rigveda, Samaveda(contains the seven notes of the raga) and Natya Shastra, which elaborates on the octave system. From the ancient Sanskrit notations to the modern Sa Re Ga Ma, Indian music has imbibed various techniques and practices to become what it is today: flawless.




To understand how modern Indian music came to be, we have to understand what it was. Besides entertainment, music was used as a form of communication between the human and the divine. Ceremonies were celebrated by chanting verses in a repetitive fashion with minor vocal and instrumental improvisations or Alap. Several forms of music were common, like Samgana, Jatigan and Prabandh Sangeet. While all of them were based in Sanskrit, a form of music called Dhruvapada, hailed during the Gupta period, used Hindi as a medium. Dhruvapada is the Indian music form that paved way for the development of the Indian classical music we listen to today.



Indian music has over 4 million ragas or melodies that can be roughly categorized into Hindustani music and Carnatic music, which are majorly received in the northern and southern regions respectively.

Hindustani music acquires a lot of its embellishments from Tibetan and Persian music cultures. It relies on vocal and instrumental improvisations with idiom-based lyrics set in a loop.

Carnatic music is more lyric-based and follows the traditional octave pattern.

While both styles arose from the same form of classical music, Carnatic style is more in touch with its roots while Hindustani style has imbibed multiple folk tunes and regional melodies.

Sufi style music has had a great impact on Indian music. It has contributed to the Indian classical culture and has been prevalent since the Islamic era (9th century). Amir Khusrau has enhanced Indian classical music by introducing Persian and Arabic features in it. He is also known as the “father of Qawwali”.



Connectivity is a major factor in encouraging fusion techniques in music. Indian music has had a major reformation in the last score because of networking and media. Ease of access to creative collaborations among people from different forms of life has led to new ideas and genres. Entities like TEDxDharamshala have promoted and celebrated these ideas time and again and have enhanced the musical creativity of this generation. Examples of such collaborations include Coke Studio, The Dewarists, MTV Unplugged and many more. Contrary to popular belief, social conformity is not a bad thing if it leads to wondrous and creative music. Accepting opinions and opening our minds to new possibilities is what its all about!

Here is a list of famous collaboration you may have heard of:


Indian music is praised as one of the most versatile and innovative cultures all over the world. That’s because, when it comes to music, we are intricate, observant and adaptable. In a population of 1.3 billion, there are musicians who are jointly working on almost every style of music. In India, music is not a profession. It is a way of life.



Author: Amish Mathur

Feature Image: Michael Tompsett

5 Housemakers Turned Entrepreneurs Are Galvanizing The Human Race

She can work now but the nine to five bank job or the eight to two school job suits here more. She can get a lot of holidays, proper week offs, more perks, now the first day of her period off and the main point is that these jobs are less stressful and will not bother her much. So that she can responsibly work at home and then serve her family.

Seeing her in the field job of a journalist, marketing executive, etc. is something that the society cannot digest. She cannot travel alone it is not safe, she cannot attend late night corporate parties she might face some negatives consequences, in the end, if she wants to work then she should go early in the morning and come back by afternoon or evening. Seeing her work in the most adverse conditions is not so exotic to our eyes.

Breaking all the barriers, keeping aside all the thoughts of the society these housewives have shut the mouth of many people by establishing themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

1. Prerna Singh- Just Prerna

She is using the opportunity that everyone has in their hands. She started a Facebook page named Just Prerna, and today she is a celebrated reviewer of silver jewellery. Her business page attracts a lot of people who seek advice and approvals. Via

2. Bandita Bose- Unchainedreamz

Initially, she worked as a marketing expert, but her passion made her quit her lavish job and started her venture called Unchainedreamz. She sells DIY items and also encourages other people to join her and sell their masterpieces. Craft aficionado uses social media mainly to sell her items. Via

3. Prachi S Vaish- HopeNetwork.in

Prachi is the founder of a therapeutic website which helps people deal with different types of psychological problems. With an experience of ten years and an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, she is helping people through phone and the internet. Via

4. Aditi Gupta- Menstrupedia

“Shush! You don’t talk about those days so loudly” This is a very dialogue that we girls hear very often. Aditi too was brought up in a traditional family of India. Breaking all the barriers and proving the myths wrong she started India’s first comic magazine based on periods. Via

5. Rekha Kakkar: My Tasty Curry

My taste curry is a personal food blog of Rekha which is read by millions of Indians. She writes about simple Indian dishes and also shares the recipes. She is a foodgrapher. Via

ARTISTIC REVOLUTION: Art forms can change the world

For centuries, people with vivid imagination have conglomerated to accomplish certain goals, which have brought about a change in a way that has affected almost everyone. These artistic movements have left a significant mark on history itself, creating trends and setting them in stone (quite literally). Art has no age, religion or sex. It starts with an idea and a purpose of progressive enlightenment. Art forms have risen and subdued throughout time, but never has one died out.

History teaches us one thing: people die but ideas survive.


The first ever artistic movement can be dated back to 400 BCE when the Roman and Greek architecture was revered. Since then, creativity has taken many forms: The Renaissance, Baroque, Mannerism, Abstract and Romanticism to name a few. These art reforms happened for various reasons, but the one reason, which is common for all, is progress.

There is no progress without change.


An artistic revolution is a kind of natural selection process, i.e. only the best prevail. A widespread trend, a strong motivating factor, and creativity are the important elements that can bring about change on a massive scale. For example, during The Renaissance, great painters like Rafael and Da Vinci had strong connections to spread their message to a large number of people, they had the motivation for transforming public mentality and, of course, they had immense creativity.


The past 50 years have seen many artistic movements. Art forms like hyper-realism, funk art, toyism, pseudo-realism and much more have made their mark. This generation has a gigantic imagination potential, which has produced strong artistry that asserts progressiveness. Social media has eliminated the problem of getting a piece of creative out in the open, making it easy for artists to get in touch with like-minded people. Also, it provides a platform to display the process and effort that goes into making a creative and promoted a DIY trend. Some of the best DIY creatives are:

Plastic spoon lamp shade


Bottle flowers


Shoes decor


Clipboard wall art


Paper rosette backdrop



Art will keep evolving along with the society’s evolution of thoughts and advanced knowledge and tools of expression. Whether there will be an art movement on a global scale is hard to say, but we do hope that amidst all the chaos, we are fortunate enough to find the Picassos and Gaudis of today.

And if we are really fortunate, we might come to a cognizant realization – There is an artist in all of us, giving each of us the power and divinity to disrupt.


Author: Amish Mathur

Ways In Which We Are Complicating Our Lives More

Life is an emotional rollercoaster ride. There are turns, flips, and bumps. We have to stay strong and keep moving forward. We have a lot of roles to play at different stages of life. The key is passionately working. Everyone wants a life which is less complicated and smoothly moving. But there are certain things that we do that increases the pressure in our lives. This leads to stress and pushes you to nowhere.

Don’t you want to know? Read Ahead.

#1. You avoid risking

There is always a fifty-fifty possibility. The outcome might be disastrous but why don’t you at the other side of the coin, it can change your life for ever. The greater the risk, the higher is the intensity of success. How will you know if the water is cold if you don’t step in it? Via

#2. You always compare yourself with others

There will be always someone who is ahead of you and also there will be people who are behind you. Being contented with you have is the mantra. Aisha is working with an MNC, Pihu owns the latest gadget, Rakesh bought a car, this list will never end. But it can only if you want. Via

#3. You seek validation

Your inner confidence is essential. If you like wearing red lipstick to work, wear it with confidence what others think should not matter. Others approval should not matter. If someone compliments you accept it with grace, and if someone criticises you, take it with a smile. Via

#4. You temporize

Projects pile up, and you end up not meeting the deadlines. Prioritize and plan carefully. Don’t give anyone a chance to scold you. Make mental notes or write it in your diary. Procrastination is a complication. Via

#5. You sit idle

Don’t wait for the perfect chance will not walk up to up but you will have to struggle a lot to find it. Life is not as smooth as a cheesecake. You have to develop and create your opportunities. Via

#6. You hold yourself

Set yourself free. Don’t stop yourself from doing anything. Become a vagabond then the world will seem better. Don’t clutch things too tightly let them go. You are on a diet, but your heart wants you to visit the most trending ice cream parlour please don’t think just go. Via

#7. You complain

Your life and your decisions. If the decisions turn out to be good, then you boast about them and if they go turn out wrong then take the responsibility of them. Grumbling only leads to stress. There is always someone whose life is more miserable than yours. You have at least something the other might not even have a roof. Via

The past is a blunt knife that will tear you apart. Live the present with a smile and learn from your mistakes. Let the future be a surprise but work hard for it.

The Image of ME

The philosophy of Yin and Yang symbolizes how opposing forces have to work in harmony in order for sustainability to prevail. Light and dark, good and evil, happiness and despair, they all go hand in hand. One after the other. But this principle doesn’t just work on forces in the outside world but within humans as well. Yin and Yang also symbolize the presence of masculine and feminine forces in all of us. While feminine forces are stronger in some, masculine forces prevail in the others. However, this isn’t where it ends. There is also a balance of good and evil, bravery and cowardice, kindness and meanness, compassion and cruelty, and every other element that makes us human.

We all feel we know ourselves. Is that true? Are you sure that you are what you think you are? Think again, for there is also a balance between what you think of yourself and who you truly are. While the former is always wonderful by our standards, it is in our darkest moments that we face the latter. A you that is everything you hate.

The Dual Personality

We all enter and leave this world alone. But the time that we spend here is wasted looking for approval. Friends, family, strangers, we try to put our best foot forward, or at least our version of it, all the time. What does this lead to? The presence of a lesser known personality made up of everything about yourself that you know the world doesn’t approve of. Hatred, jealousy, despair, insecurity, all need to take a back seat when you are on stage.

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts”

While Shakespeare talks about the parts we play in the course of our life, this stage exposes us to a script as well, that needs to be followed. A script to help you fit in.


Happiness is a deception. It is when we are happy and things are going just as we want, that putting a façade is an easy task. Trying times expose the reality behind that mask we all wear. There never exists an equilibrium between our real and mirror image. Most of the times, the latter is stronger. This collision between our two personalities often leads to the cracking of the outer shell. Thus, comes out poison through the cracks in this shell. A poison that is so violent that not only does it engulf those around us, but our own selves as well.

The best thing to do seems to keep the mask intact. Make it strong and impenetrable. Let no one see who you are when the night is dark. The truth is, many people can do that. Very few are incapable of controlling the charade. But at the end of the day, those few are the happy ones.

The Secret to Happiness

Recently, when my shell was about to crack, a friend, on a very dark and stormy night, told me, that only those who can balance the two sides of their personality can ever be happy. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but yes, that is the key. The problem is that we waste too much of our time pleasing others. So much, that we forget to please ourselves. The moral compass works well in most people. Following your intuition is the key. No matter how well rehearsed you are, the script can never ensure happiness.

The first step is understanding our true selves. Analyze yourself when you go through tough times. Figure out your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. The objective is to make yourself happy and letting out your hatred and anger might not be the solution. The answer lies in being at terms with the world.

No one is a saint, and it is impossible to expect that we will ever overcome the drawbacks of humanity. That is why Yin and Yang aren’t about the supremacy of Yang (light) over Yin (dark). It is about harmonizing the two opposing forces. Accepting people for what they are, yourself, fate, and believing in a better tomorrow is the secret to happiness. In the words of Scarlett O’Hara,

“Tomorrow is Another Day”


Good vs. Evil

The world is a sad place. A pessimistic statement to begin a blog with, but it couldn’t be truer. I’m sure everyone reading this will agree to. The emotions and qualities of the human nature that are supposed to bind us together are dwindling with every generation and what was once a social society has now become a pack of hunters. The geek in me believes that we aren’t very far from turning into the world that was depicted in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.

Religion was one way of bringing people together and binding them in a common thread of shared love and beliefs. The moment we were left on our own we started using this to wage wars against the people we were taught to love. The fight between Good and Evil is an ancient one, which is probably as old as the very existence of this planet. But which side are we fighting on?

The Human Nature

In my more philosophical moments, I realized that the problem begins with the venom that is inside each of us. The thing is, we all believe we are right. No one who was truly moral has ever been ignorant to the fact that there is a very fine line between virtue and vice. The problem is that we see ourselves in others. The things that we imagine someone might do to us, without a pre-existing proof of the belief, are things that we are capable of doing to people. If you didn’t get what I mean, then let me put it in more simpler terms. If you feel that someone might betray your secrets, the problem is that you suffer from the same inability to keep things to yourself.

Ever wondered why it’s easy to fool a child with fake promises? The answer is that this principle of seeing ourselves in others applies to them as well. The mind of a human is purest in the early years of life, free from bias and prejudice, and can’t possibly imagine that there could be any wrong in this world. Which we take advantage of to get our way.

What is Evil?

The subject of the blog isn’t human nature, it’s good vs. evil. So, what classifies as evil? How do we know whether we are in the wrong? The answer is a simple one, but that which most of us have forgotten: Don’t do that, results of which harm someone. That solves many problems if you think about it. Corruption, terrorism, you name it. Unless you don’t name a health problem, I will assume that my point has been successfully put across.

Once we put another life, the creation of God, above ourselves and our beliefs, true peace can be achieved, inside out. However, not only is this world sad, it is also a bad one. Anyone who tries to clear their conscience gets hit hard in the gut in the long run. But I suppose that is where true bravery comes in. Bravery can’t be defined by the lack of fear of death. True bravery is the struggle to live one’s life in a way that it means something to others.


Eternal Peace

The strategy that would help good prevail isn’t the eradication of evil. Peace is a temporary state after all. The strategy is the conversion of the way we view the world. The solution is to live your life, not for yourself, but for those around you. Once we begin to share the pain of those we share this planet with, not just humans, but everyone. Once we rise above ourselves, can we ever, hope to truly conquer evil.


Boys Don’t Cry

Women rights issues go far and wide. The atrocities that they have faced at the hands of men and even their own gender at times is what drives them to continue the struggle to achieve equality. In the process, we forget one gender that has been ignored all this while. Someone who hasn’t cried for help yet but is being ruined since time immemorial. These are humans whose moral compass is disconcerted by the society, leading to a lot of bad karma building up for them. We are to be blamed, ladies and gentlemen, we all are to be blamed for this moral dilemma that we have been instilling in our fellow beings. We the pioneers of a better world and even our ancestors, are to be blamed for the plight of MEN.

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Freedom of LOVE

We live in a world surrounded by turmoil. Even though some might claim that things are getting better, for the common man these changes are hard to see, for no such progress is evident to him. All the great minds and important people on this planet profess that love is the solution to these problems. Only when we love our fellow men can we hope to achieve peace in all spheres of life.

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A Life of Peace and Hope

It’s not every day that you get to be in the presence of a man who radiates compassion, humility and wisdom with such intensity that you feel if God exists, this is what he must look like. When such an opportunity does arise, it’s difficult to forget this experience till the end of your days. If you know what I am talking about, if you have felt the presence of an angel on earth, then you too have probably been in the presence of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, for no other man that walks the surface of this earth who can come near this description.

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