My lessons in self-kindness

Mom yelling at the top of her voice. Do you have any plans of getting up this morning? Shall I make you breakfast? Oh! Forget breakfast, half the day is over already, you better have lunch now.

Sleepless nights, imperfect mornings, and constant snubbing from my mom—this was my new lifestyle. I was numb towards everything happening around. The only thing I did was constantly calculate and analyse what went wrong? Where did I not give my best that pushed me to this day? All these questions used to hover around my mind every now and then. I was in a loop, a loop that made me question my self-worth, my confidence, and even my existence.

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The Era of Start-ups

What was the last app you signed in that made your life easier? Oh! Please don’t say you opened Whatsapp to reply to those good morning texts. I meant the apps that got you doing something productive and save your valuable time.

Right from the moment we wake up, we are under the continuous control of modern-day applications.

How many apps do you think an average person uses every day?

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Learning through the Internet

With technology booming up, every other word is taking the prefix ‘e’ to it. Salary, which was paid in the form of cheques, is now directly processed into bank accounts, leading to the introduction of e-Salary. Similarly, the buying and selling of day-to-day products can be done with a single click and this has resulted in the formation of a considerably significant sector of the Indian Economy called e-Commerce. And now, the internet is awarding education to people in the form of a service called e-learning.

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How not to let your phone take over your life

Would you like to join me for a cup of Coffee? How about a lunch this afternoon? Each one of us has heard these lines but how many of us have understood them? The other person wants you—you along with your mental presence to be there. But our mobile phones seem to make this mental presence a little hard. Am I right?

Oh! Come on. Stop imaging the times when you messed up your last meet up with a friend. Admit it that mobile phones cost us more than money—they cost us our relationships, mental health, and valuable time.

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